He was the star of Felicity and the Underworld movies who recently appeared in Barney’s Version. Scott Speedman takes your questions here.

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Q: Hi Scott! This is Justine from Providence, Rhode Island. What was your favorite scene filming with Paul Giamatti? - Uinterview User

I really like my first scene — my introduction scene — and, you know, my last scene, the two bookends of the character, I think were the most challenging and ultimately the most gratifying. One of those scenes — the end scene, the big climax scene with my character and Paul's character — it just took two days and it was a lot of figuring it out. It was a pretty explosive scene, so it was pretty fun.

Q: Thanks. The cast is so amazing. Did you have a moment that was most memorable for you while filming? - Uinterview User

I don't know if there was like a moment on set where the light bulb goes off that you're doing something special. I mean, for me, I had to fight to get this part, so just even getting the part and all is just ... you sit around so much as an actor trying to find good material, and then all of a sudden you're in Rome, hanging out walking around all night with Paul Giamatti, a great actor. You feel very lucky just to be able to do that.

Q: Hi Scott, this is Maggie from New Jersey. Your character in "Barney's Version" is the ultimate bad boy. Is there anything about him that you can sympathize with? - maggiemcbride

Yeah, I mean, not so much the self-destructive stuff, but there's a lot of that character in me. I mean, I tend to play a lot of heavier characters and, you know, very brooding characters, if you will. But this character is very light and fun and always having the most fun in the room. And I have that part of myself that I was trying to access and sort of bring into the film in a kind of way, which was really challenging to do. But there's lots of stuff about the character that I identify with. You know — struggling with art, struggling with his chosen gifts, all that kind of stuff.

Q: Thanks. What projects do you have coming up next for you? - maggiemcbride

I've got a movie called "The Vow" coming out with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, and another movie called "The Moth Diaries," a Mary Harron movie, which was really cool to do.