Safaree Samuels On ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood… by Uinterview

Safaree Samuels, the rapper and TV personality, believes that his relationship with Miss Nikki Baby aka Nikki Mudarris makes some good TV for VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Safaree Samuels Video Exclusive

Samuels, who was previously in a longterm relationship with rapper Nicki Minaj, has only good things to say about his new girlfriend Miss Nikki Baby.

“She’s a very beautiful, round lady, who is very successful, has her own lingerie line. Her family owns a lot of real estate and strip clubs and stuff like that,” Samuels told uInterview in an exclusive interview. Samuels added of them as a couple, “Me and her are two very hot and greasy coconut oil-looking bodies by swimming pools that look good together. So it will make good TV, so make sure you’re watching it.”

In years past, Samuels may have been more recognized for his connection to Minaj than anything else. But the MC believes that that’s changing thanks to recent successes.

“When people see me now, nobody has to say, “Uh, that’s such and such’s ex.’ They know who I am,” Samuels said. “If they do say that, it’s just because they wanna say it. And for the most part, they know who I am.”

Of all the things that Love & Hip Hop shows Samuels doing, his favorites have to do with motorcycles, working out and women.

“I love riding my motorcycles, and doing wheelies and stunt riding and stuff like that. My fitness moments, working out with the guys,” Samuels said. “And you know being caressed and rubbed down by beautiful hot women.”

Having the cameras following him around all the time for Love & Hip Hop isn’t a problem for Samuels, who says he forgets that the cameras are rolling and that the mics are picking up everything he’s saying. What did take a bit of getting used to was weathering insults from strangers.

“‘Your such a lame, you’re such a cornball, you suck, you’re pathetic, you’re trying to use somebody else’s name to do this,'” Samuels said, giving examples of the name calling he faces. “But I’m like, I’m on national television. I don’t need to use anybody else’s name to do anything. So, try again.”