He was one of the Goodfellas, now he’s playing tough cop antagonizing Michael Cera in Youth In Revolt.

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Q: If you were to create an alter ego, what would he be like and what would you name him? -Matthew, Tennessee - Uinterview User

Probably like what Michael Cera does, you know, I don't, I play these bad guys but there's, you know, I've never been in a fight, it's not exactly who I am at all, so maybe it'd be good to play someone a little more aggressive in real life.

Q: Hi Ray, I'm Natasha from Vermont. My question for you is, did you ever meet a girl that you thought was worth running away for? - Natasha

No. I mean there's obviously girls that I've met that are fun to be with, but not to run away with.

Q: Thanks Ray. My second question for you is, what was your favorite moment working with Michael Cera on the set of 'Youth in Revolt'? - Natasha

No, I don't really have favorite moments. It's all kinda fun to do. You know, playing these make believe situations it's, Michael Cera's just a really really good actor so it was fun to do all the scenes with him.