Talented young singer Olivia Noelle draws inspiration from many artists – but she especially looks up to SZA.

“I think a big reference that I’ve used a lot recently is SZA, just because she’s so honest, and you know, she really took her time, and when the world wasn’t ready for her she stayed true and she waited,” Noelle told uInterview exclusively.

Noelle said she admires SZA for her ability to stay true to herself.

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“She didn’t change for the world,” Noelle said. “She let the world change for her and get ready for her, so I think that’s something that’s really been inspiring to me, and as an artist who writes all my own music, it’s a really dope thing to see a female, especially a woman of color, coming up the way that she has in such an independent way. I think it’s really beautiful.”

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