Nick Offerman plays a widowed father with a dysfunctional relationship with his teen son Joe, played by Nick Robinson in the coming-of-age film The Kings of Summer. Fed up with living by the rules of adults, Joe enlists his two friends Patrick (Gabriel Basso) and Biaggio (Moises Arias) in heading out to the woods and making a home for themselves with their own rules. “Nick and Gabe Basso and Moises Arias – the three young boys – were incredibly competent for teenage actors; I found them quite irksome,” Offerman told uInterview exclusively about his working relationship with his young co-stars.

Offerman, best known for portraying Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, doesn’t know what to expect from his character in the upcoming season. “I imagine there will be some more eating of something’s flesh, and perhaps some fisticuffs will be in store for us this fall.”

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Q: Did you ever run away from home like the boys in the film? - Uinterview

Well, I think, like most teenagers I certainly rebelled against my parents even though I have the most salt of the earth, sweet as pie parents a boy could ever hope for. Despite that, I thought everything they told me was wrong when I was about 14 or 15, and I tried to run away a couple of times. I made it, probably as far as a quarter mile — was my record— before I thought I might like to have a sandwich. So I [laughs] never got too far, but we definitely butted heads my dad and I.

Q: What was your experience working with Nick Robinson, who played your son in the film? - Uinterview

It was quite easy I’m not sure who mentored who in our situation. Nick and Gabe Basso and Moises Arias, the three young boys were incredibly competent for teenage actors. I found them quite irksome when I thought back to my own [laughs] teenage years; I had a hard time finding my own rear-end with both hands. And so these guys were absolute professionals, and so much fun. They were great at improvising. I had a great time; I was very grateful to work with such talent.

Q: Which scene in the film are you most proud of? - Uinterview

Oh gosh, um well, I had a great time playing the straight man to some of these incredible comic talents. Kumail Nanjiani as the wonton delivery guy was [laughs] one of the funniest scenes I'€™ve ever shot. If I was drinking milk, I would sprayed it all over the entire block several times at what he was coming up with. And working with Mary Lynn Rajskub and Thomas Middleditch as the sort of bumbling police duo was incredibly funny. Eugene Cordero, as my daughter'€™s boyfriend, had me in stiches when he was singing that song to me; he was so wonderfully earnest and pathetic [laughs] it was so fun.

Q: Your wife Megan Mullally is a comedian and your co-star. Is there competition at home to be the funniest? - Uinterview

We don’t, no we don’t compete much. We’re doing a play together right now actually in Los Angeles, and so we met in the theater and so you know were professionals so we allow each other the time and space to finish our bits. We try to have good timing around the dinner table, as in life, and it's just incredible getting to spend my life with her. We love to make each other laugh and I think our sense of humor is probably the bedrock of our marriage. She and Marc Evan Jackson in this film just slay me. Their work as the overprotective cloying parents is so devastatingly funny I could watch it all day long.

Q: What can we expect from Ron Swanson on ‘Parks and Recreation’ this coming season? - Uinterview

What’s next for Ron Swanson? That’s a very good question. The writers went back to work I believe on Friday, so they’re probably asking themselves that question right now around a big table a few blocks from here, and I literally have zero knowledge as of right now. I imagine there will be some more eating of something’s flesh and perhaps some fisticuffs will be in store for us this fall.