Manifest stars have much to be excited about.

The hit NBC supernatural drama series — which centers on a group of passengers and crew members on a commercial airplane from Jamaica to New York who suddenly reappear after being left for dead for more than five years — has been renewed for a second season expected to air in the spring of 2020. Stars Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh discussed the second season and their fear of flying exclusively with uInterview at New York Comic Con last week.

Dallas, who is known as well for his role as David Nolan/Prince Charming on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, also revealed what is in store for his character Ben Stone on Manifest in Season 2.

“It’s all about preservation for Ben in Season 2,” said Dallas. “It’s about protecting the things he holds dear to him, which [are] his family and loved ones and also trying to figure out his death date and the mystery, trying to find a way to stop it.”

Dallas also noted the “all-consuming journey” and heavy “burden” his character, a professor who is one of the passengers on the plane, puts on himself in order to solve the mystery of his death.

Roxburgh — who has starred in films like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Star Trek Beyond — said there is even more suspense to come regarding her character Michaela, Ben’s sister and an NYPD detective who is another passenger on the flight.

“For Michaela, the last time we see her, there’s a gun that goes off. We have no idea who’s been shot,” said Roxburgh. “If it’s her, then she’s got some recovery and if it’s one of the other guys, she’s got some mourning to do.”

Roxburgh was coy about revealing more details about Michaela’s fate. Instead, she simply reiterated Dallas’ joke that “she could be a ghost.”

“Thank goodness for flashbacks,” Roxburgh quipped.

Dallas also teased when the storyline in Season 2 takes some wild turns.

“By the time you get to Episode 8 of Season 2, it’s gonna get crazy,” said Dallas.

Aside from discussing the making of the new season, Dallas and Roxburgh also both confessed that filming the show has made them queasy about flying.

“I think about [Manifest] every time I fly,” said Dallas. “I’ve become super neurotic now when I fly, like I clean everything.”

“Every time there’s turbulence or anything like that, I think ‘maybe this is that time, that this is going to happen.”

Roxburgh went further, saying she feels physical discomfort nearly every time she flies.

“My body’s developed this weird thing that happens every time I go to the airport it gets sick,” she said. “I think it’s just PTSD.”

However, Roxburgh revealed she feels fortunate to be so close to her fellow Manifest cast members, especially Dallas, whom she referred to as an “older brother.”

“The Manifest fam: that’s what we are,” said Dallas.


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