Singer-songwriter Marie Miller, like many artists, has made a serious change to her music for her second album. Letterbox, Miller’s follow-up to her 2013 debut EP, You’re Not Alone, was released in late April and shows a slightly darker and sadder side to the folk singer.

Miller recently sat down with uInterview to discuss her new album and its influences and inspiration.

Letterbox, like her previous music, is what Miller calls, “folk pop genre,”  and was written for many of the people in her life that she is close with.

“It’s an album about relationships, friendships, family members, boyfriends – it’s very, I say, radically relational,” Miller told uInterview.

“It’s called Letterbox because it’s almost like actual letters that I wanted to write to people and I couldn’t – so I wrote a song anyway.”

Due both to the nature of the songs’ subjects and to the fact that Miller is a little more adept to the ways of the music world, the 28-year-old musician says the new album has a slightly different feel to it.

“I think it’s [sadder]. I think this happens to all artists, it gets sadder!” Miller said laughing.

Also, Letterbox features less direct references to Miller’s faith. “There’s not as much [spirituality] directly. I think that my songwriting kind of reflects who I am, being a Catholic, there’s going to be things slipping in, even culturally too – the books that I’ve read and everything. It’s sad because it’s a little less positive.”

Instead, Letterbox is about loving those around you and appreciating the relationships you have with those people.

Said Miller about her favorite song off the album, “Glitter Gold,” “It’s about sort of chasing the quick highs in life and not holding onto the good things – the relationships, the friendships that really matter.”

Watch Miller perform her favorite track off the album below.

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