Lusia Strus plays Downtown Abbey star Michelle Dockery‘s mother, Estelle Raines, in the upcoming TNT drama Good Behavior. uInterview sat down with Strus to hear about her experience working on the show and working with Dockery.


Good Behavior follows Letty Dobesh (Dockery), an ex-thief and con artist who is recently released from prison. While currently on the straight-and-narrow, Letty’s world is thrown into turmoil once more when she stops a hitman from killing his target, starting a relationship with the killer. The new romance strains her already complicated relationship with her mother, Estelle (Strus). Strus revealed that Estelle is no saint either. “We have really primal, primitive relationship,” she said. “Estelle’s idea of a healthy boundary is just to put a restraining order on her [Letty].” It’s possible Letty’s problems stem from her mother’s behavior; Estelle has been married five times, loves alcohol, and is currently dating Letty’s high school classmate. Yeah. “I think Estelle, she wanted to grow up really fast, so she didn’t get a chance to be a kid. And then, once she had a kid, she was really behind the eight ball. So she never figured out how to be an adult.” Oh, and Estelle has custody of Letty’s ten-year-old son.

While Estelle and Letty’s relationship is without-a-doubt contentious, Strus had nothing but praise for her scene mate, Dockery. “Usually with famous people, I am usually like don’t speak until spoken to,” she quipped. “She’s in my heart, we text constantly, we both love design and architecture…I dunno, I love her.” Strus said she immediately clicked with the British actress while at a gathering at the director’s house, prior to shooting. “There was something about her…I just looked at her and said, ‘Oh my God, you are so pretty I just want to cut your face,'” she recounted. “And she just burst out laughing and was like, ‘Momma!’ and I was like, ‘Don’t worry, it’s a compliment.'”

Good Behavior will premiere on November 15, 2016 on TNT.

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