Kourtney Kardashian by Uinterview

She’s one of the gorgeous, over-achieving ladies of E’s Keeping up with the Kardashians. Uinterview.com asks Kourtney Kardashian your questions!

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  • Mandy
    Mandy on

    Great interview! I’ve never seen this side of her before!

  • Ann
    Ann on

    Hi, Sexy Hottie..
    I loved it!!

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    Always been a big fan of yours..Love, Ann 🙂

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  • CraigsRealTv
    CraigsRealTv on

    Craig Amabello says: The Kardashians work hard?????…. Please dear lord….

    A Dead person works harder than those 3 useless human beings….

    I mean come on?… How demented is she "once in a while I help dress maniquinns?". She thinks that's hard work?

    She's a jaded, Useless, California Brat…. Look at the Gay Preppy that has fathered her child!… They are both PUNKS!

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Q: You run your own clothing store called Dash. Describe what your involvement with the store is? - Uinterview User

Hi, Shahla! I run Dash with my sisters. We do all the buying for the store. We come in as often as possible and make sure everything is going ok. See what the store looks like, sometimes I will help redo the mannequins. I try to be as involved in Dash as possible because I find it only makes it more successful.

Q: What do you think is the public's biggest misconception about you? - MicahD

A lot people think I'm really quiet. I'm totally not at all. People maybe think I'm bitchy or standoff-ish because they think I'm quiet. I don't know- sometimes when there's a camera in your face than maybe I'm a little more quiet than Khole or my mom is. I think that people who don't watch us, but see us in magazines, think that we don't work and that we are girls who just have it easy and don't do anything. We actually do work, we are very hard working girls.

Q: Are you able to give us any clues about the upcoming season of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'? - MicahD

In season 3, I think you can definitely see all of us in our own environments more. You definitely see Khloe and I, we live together and you see our house more. And you see Rob and Adrienne move in together, you see them in their house more. And we filmed in Kim's house a lot, so I think you get to see us more, definitely all in our own spaces and not just always at my mom's house hanging out. In season 3 there's definitely going to be huge, huge, surprises. There's so much stuff going on that you're totally gonna be blown away.

Q: How has your life changed since becoming a TV star? - Matt, Los Angeles - Uinterview User

I would say that my life has changed, it's definitely brought our family a lot closer together because we're all working together every day. And not that we weren't, but all the extra things that we're doing now, if we go to do the Tyra Banks show or anything we're all together and traveling together and we have so much fun. I think definitely we've been traveling a lot more. But I don't think I've changed, I just think a lot of the circumstances around us have changed and we're having a great time. I think it's also a lot more responsibility. Like you want to be responsible with your actions because there are fans that look up to you.

Q: How has it changed the dynamics of your family? - Matt, Los Angeles - Uinterview User

I think that it's just brought us closer, but I think, you know, our family was always extremely close always. But I think that just filming together we're always together like 18 hours a day so I think that it just makes us even closer. And I think we do fight more, but those fights get you, like at the end of the fight you're like even closer. So I think that it's only brought us closer.

Q: How would you describe your own design aesthetic? - Shahla, New haven, Conn. - Uinterview User

Well, I think I pick and choose from the trends that are around me and I like to be very eclectic. Like one day I might be bohemian chic and one day I might be like rock and roll. I think whatever my mood is, and I like to kinda start trends instead of follow them.

Q: What's the biggest mistake you can make in fashion? And what's the biggest mistake you've ever made? - Shahla, New Haven, Conn. - Uinterview User

I think the worst fashion mistake someone can make is not completing your outfit with accessories. Like I think when you try an outfit on you should try on a few pairs of shoes and try on a few different bags and make sure you pick the best things, the best accessories that go with your outfit. And I think, you know, throw on some fun bracelets or rings but don't overdo it and people can definitely overdo their accessories. I think that also going with trends that don't suit your body, like high waisted jeans are not for everyone, skinny jeans are not for everyone. I think just knowing what trends work for you.