Kendall Schmidt sat down to answer questions from fans who used Uinterview’s new Facebook video app to record video questions. Schmidt answered the fans’ questions which recieved the most Likes about his experiences as a singer-songwriter as well as plans for his band Heffron Drive and their new album Parallel. Schmidt, who is easily recognized as the star of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, is focusing on his band Heffron Drive, which he started years ago with Big Time Rush guitarist Dustin Belt.

The duo just finished up its winter tour and the fans were anxious to know what’s next. Schmidt told one fan to expect a music video either for the single “Parallel” or their next one. “Probably just a white wall and then I would do something with some geometric shapes or something like that,” Schmidt said.

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Q: If you could have any band or artist cover a Heffron Drive song, which song would it be and which artist would cover it? - Alanna Kiselus

Alana, any artist to cover a Heffron Drive song? I think electronic would be cool, something like a producer like that, maybe Zedd would be really cool to cover a Heffron Drive song, but it wouldn't be a cover. It'€™d be more of an interpretation I think, because I don'€™t think, he wouldn't be singing it or anything like that. He'€™d be doing an electronic version, so, yeah, that'€™d be kind of cool.

Q: Will you do a music video for Parallel? If yes, which location would you choose? - Uinterview User

Michaela, will I do a music video? Yes, I'm, I'm planning on it! And what it is, I'€™m not a hundred percent sure of yet, but I've really been so focused on promoting the song to radio, that I guess I haven't really planned when exactly the video's gonna come about, but yeah actually whether it'€™s Parallel or the next song, I don'€™t really know. As far as location goes, if it was a video for Parallel, it would have to be something almost, probably just a white wall and then I would do something with some geometric shapes or something like that. But I don't know, I guess that'€™s up to the creative, and if there's a video, you will see very soon.

Q: What do you feel when you first played Parallel? Were you nervous about people'€™s reactions? - stefaanschmidt

Well, Stefano, I felt nervous, so I guess that answers your question. Leading up to it, I was, I mean, it'€™s honestly all you tend to think about and rehearsing it, wanting to make sure it sounds good live, and up until playing it, I was nervous, and then while playing it. I was nervous. So, I think it'€™s important though, to be nervous when you'€™re doing that stuff, otherwise it doesn'€™t really mean anything and it's not doing anything new, that'€™s for sure, so yes that'€™s what I was feeling.

Q: What can we expect for the new Heffron Drive music? Is it going to be like MySpace songs or Pop or Electronic or Rock? How is it going to sound? - KarenFerny

Karen, well the new Heffron Drive music is, definitely, electronic. But I'€™m trying to keep it having acoustic elements, just because that'€™s where my love of music started, so it'€™s kind of difficult to find a mix, but I'm working on it, and I think it'€™s gonna end up having a cohesive sound that you, that I'€™m gonna be able to call my own. So I'€™m working on that at the moment.

Q: How long does it usually take for you to write a song? - Uinterview User

Priscilla, what it usually takes to write a song? Well, sometimes you can show up to the session with an idea already in your head, which if you'€™re lucky, or if you've planned ahead, some people, some people have lists on their phones of song titles, like whole lists of song titles that they have that they think about throughout the day and that's always a good place to start as well, because if you have the song title then you have something to build off of. Sometimes it'€™s just spontaneous, at the moment, when you get there, and there's been a couple songs, that I really love, that are just like that where it sorta just happened in the moment, and, you run with it.

Q: Who or what inspires you to write music and if you ever need inspiration, do you ever go on Twitter for inspirational and supportive tweets? - HaleyRaeTimko

Haley, good question! Twitter for inspiration? I guess. I guess everything is inspiration whatever your eyes see and whatever you take as inspiration, becomes inspiration. Other than the possibility of finding inspiration on the internet, going through relationships always seems to inspire stuff. And friends, and their lives and really I think the most inspiring things are things we tend to think about, so when I write a song, I try to write it in a way that I feel like everybody can relate to.

Q: Are you considering coming to Latin America? - Uinterview User

Angela, I have noticed that there is lots of Latin American fans and I think it's really great. I love Latin America. I have a South American tattoo now, just because it was a really cool trip - second time down there, so that was cool. Yeah I think a place that would be toured would be Latin America whenever the time is right, and there's songs to come play and an audience to be there. I will definitely be playing shows down there.

Q: When Heffron Drive comes to Mexico City, will you sing a song in Spanish? - Uinterview

Monse, will I sing something in Spanish in South America? Yeah! I mean I’ve sung in Spanish down there before. I’ll have to translate a portion of one of the songs in Spanish and sing it. But I think it’s great. I think when you go to a country or to a place, it’s important to at least try to speak the language, as much as you can.

Q: When will Heffron Drive come to Mexico City? - Uinterview User

Well, Daniella, this would be the -€“ if I was coming to Mexico City soon - €“it would be the seventh, I think, seventh time I've been there! So, believe me of all places, I really love Mexico City, as soon as I'm available to, I'd like to come down and play a show. And I honestly think a Heffron Drive show would do really well in Mexico City, like, I think maybe even a couple thousand people would show up, so it'€™d be really cool. So hopefully soon.