Jennifer Graziano, Renee Graziano And Lana Graziano On Their Book ‘How To Use A Meat Clever,’ ‘Mob Wives’

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Q: Why are Italian women the best cooks in the world? - Uinterview

LANA GRAZIANO: Because we just are!

JENNIFER GRAZIANO: I think it’s just the love of food.

RENEE GRAZIANO: I think women in general are great cooks, I don’t just say 'Italian,' but we’re speaking about Italian food therefore Italians are the best today!

Q: Why is there a lot of conflict over food in your family? - Uinterview

JG: I think it’s just an aggression outside of the food, and they just so happen to be talking about it over the food. So as Renee likes to say sometimes they fight over the food or sometimes they fight OVER the food.

Q: Do each of you have a favorite dish from the book? Do you add anything special when you make it at home? - Uinterview

RG: You sure you don'€™t work for the FEDs - you got a lot of questions? I'm going to keep it simple: Linguini and clam sauce. You get your linguini you get your clams. You boil your clams, you get the juice you drain them. Then you put a little bit of chicken stock. Make it nice nice put the - help me out.

LG: Parsley. Garlic.

RG: Put the parsley in there some grated cheese some garlic. Throw it together: Mangia!

JG: For me I like the very simple, chicken milanese aka chicken cutlets. Sometimes I’ll eat them plain or sometimes I’ll throw some arugula salad with some fresh mozzarella, red onion and balsamic vinegar or you could make them parmesan. You make them a million ways, those are my absolutely hands down favorite.

LG: I would say the stuffed filet minion, I get to use the meat cleaver! I toast my bread crumbs with garlic and oil and I stuff the filet minion, tie it up, put it in the oven and it’s a delicious meal.”

JG: Well it’s asking other than what’s in the book, so sometimes she adds fresh mozzarella to that-

LG: Or spinach...

JG: Or spinach inside...

LG: Sautéed mushrooms on top.

RG: Some fingers some toes. [All laugh]

Q: What’s the most important thing to know about running a restaurant? - Uinterview

LG: You have to be very, very tough with your staff. You have to make sure the food comes out on time. You have to be all over the restaurant. You have to be hands on 24/7.

JG: Make sure your ingredients are always fresh.

RG: You have to have a great relationship with the people that come into your restaurant as well.

JG: Yeah that I agree with. The patrons always like to see the owner talk to them, sit down with them; know what’s going on in their life. Renee actually used to work-

RG: I’m GREAT at that!

JG: Renee actually used to work at one of Lana’s restaurants, and she was really good at that.

RG: I’m the patron saint of patrons!

Q: What are the essential ingredients in a true Italian kitchen? - Uinterview

JG: Gralic.

RG: Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Onion.

LG: Olive oil.

JG: Olive oil.

RG: A knife!

JG: A cleaver!

LG: Definitely a cleaver.

RG: So you need: Salt, pepper, garlic-

JF: Basil.

RG and JF: Basil.

JG, RG, and LG [together]: Parsley!

LG: Olive oil.

RG: Yep.

LG: Pots. Pans. Spatula.

RG: Pots. Pans. Spatula.

LG: Cleavers!

JG: Tomatoes.

RG: You know what do you call that thing-

JG: Bread! Oh bread. Bread.

LG: Oh, sculabast.

RG: A sculabasta! Just a simple word for a-

JG: Strainer.

RG: That would be strainer. And two cases of white wine, just in case things don’t go well.