Jason O’Mara and Daniel Sunjata are the hot stars in the adaptation of Janet Evonovih’s comedy-action novel One For The Money. Determined to make accurate portrayals of the characters, O’Mara and Sunjata made a big effort to do justice to the book. “I absolutely went to the books to sort of try and find that Janet Evonovih humor,” Sunjata told Uinterview in an exclusive video interview.

Both O’Mara and Sunjata have encountered their share of success in the filming industry recently. Born in Ireland, O’Mara became famous for his lead role as a Chicago police narcotic detective on the Fox series Terra Nova, which was recently canceled after its first season. He is also noted for his appearance in the TV show Criminal Minds. Sunjata is well known for his role as an FDNY firefighter in the TV drama Rescue Me.

And the actors didn’t mind working with co-star Katherine Heigl on the film, “There was a scene that I’ve referenced a couple of times, more than a couple of times at this point, where we’re working together on the gun range and Ranger is trying to demonstrate to her the proper way to shoot the gun without getting herself killed,” Sunjata to Uinterview. “And that was a really fun day!”

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Q: Hi Jason and Daniel, this is Gabriella from New York. How much did you rely on the book for your characters in 'One for the Money'? - GabrielaTilevitz

JASON: Well, I absolutely went to the books to sort of try and find that kind of Janet Evanovich humor; it's kind of gallows humor, which fits in really well with the world that these characters live in. I must say, I really admire Katherine Heigl. She would do takes – first time, every time, comic timing in place, just nailing it all over the place, and I don't know how Daniel feels, but like I was playing catch up, it would take me two or three more takes to kind of get it right. But she's just got a great natural talent and a great sense of timing and I think everybody's going to really love her in this movie.

DANIEL: Yeah, I would second what Jason said. The scenes where Stephanie and Ranger have interaction are a little less weighted towards the comedic. There are moments, a couple lines here and there that should have some comedic inflection to them, but I think that more of the comedic moments were in the other scenes of the film so I can't quite speak as intelligently to that as Jason just did.

Q: Hi Jason and Daniel, this is Julia from Connecticut. Katherine Heigl is such an amazing talent. Can you both tell us about your favorite memory of working with her on the film? - Julia

DANIEL: I had a really good time. There was a scene that I've referenced a couple times, more than a couple times at this point, where we're working together on the gun range and Ranger is trying to demonstrate to her the proper way to shoot a gun without getting herself killed. And that was a really fun day. We had a couple mishaps where the guns weren't firing at the proper time so that was a little stressful, but we had a really good time that day and Katherine did a great job of keeping the set loose and keeping everything moving smoothly, so we had a good time that day.

JASON: Yeah, she sets a great tone on a film set. You know it's very family-oriented, kind of a wholesome feeling. Her daughter would come down to visit and her husband was around and I felt okay to bring my family down as well. It was very relaxed and fun. I know there's a scene I shot with Katherine in the shower where I have to handcuff her to a shower rail and I had to handcuff her over and over again in every take and by the end of the day her wrist was all swollen and bruised and she took it like a trooper. She didn't complain at all and she was naked at the time, she was just cold, but she did great that day and I think in terms of the more Stephanie Plumb scenes, that's definitely one of my favorites.

Q: There's a lot of gun play in the film. Did either of you have any experience working with guns before you started filming it? - Julia

DANIEL: I can't speak for Jason. I've had limited experience working with fire-arms on camera. I haven't done too much firing of weapons in my personal life, not yet. But yeah, my experience was limited before this film, I would say.

JASON: I've had the dubious benefit of being typecast as a cop in just about every project I do so I've had several rounds of weapons training over the years. It sort of started with 'Band of Brothers' about ten years ago and I've been playing, not exclusively cops, but mostly cops ever since, so I've had a little bit of experience. But Morelli doesn't get to do much with guns in this, it's more about Ranger and Stephanie – they're the business people in this movie.