She's the hilarious comedian who's appeared on everything from 24 to The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Now's she's got a great new comedy special, Janeane Garofalo: If You Will, for EPIX.

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Q: Janeane, Will you have dinner WITH me?!/profile.php?id=1358787623 Friend Me!? - ladcrp

Q: Hey Janeane, this is Alexa from New Jersey. This is your first comedy special in a decade, why did you decide to do it? - Uinterview User

Oh, just 'cause they asked. Uh, somebody asked me so I was like, sure. I didn't know there was an interest in somebody doing it so I was very flattered. There was a -- I was gonna do one with Shell Factory also a few years ago and then I got scared because I thought, "nobody's interested," you know? I mean, I don't know if there's anyone who would be interested in watching a special of mine. Also, I don't do well under those kinds of pressured situations, stand-up wise. I always feel like it's sometimes like a homework assignment because the people shooting the special want to know what you're gonna say and exactly how you're gonna say it! And I tend to crack under that kind of pressure 'cause I don't like to have it so written in stone; I prefer to try and create an atmosphere where it is much more open-ended or there's a feeling that the audience and I are just discussing this for maybe the first time. It's hard to do that in a special because the people who are producing your special don't like to fly by the seat of their pants like that. So it's been hard for me over the years to get up the nerve to do a special, but then as I said, it's not like there's a ton of people knocking down my door to do one. I was really flattered when EPIX asked ... so I did it.

Q: My follow up question is, you played a computer genius on 24 but in your comedy special, you talked about how you don't know how to use a computer. How did that work? - Uinterview User

I did know how to use one, and I just opted to stop using one. I did use a computer. I have one in my home and used it like anyone does, and then I realized I really can't stand this. And I really can't stand all this e-mail that you can never get your arms around. I can't stand all this junk information -- I mean, I know it's a great democratic medium and there's wonderful, wonderful things on it. But there's also a lot of garbage that will destroy you on it. And you can't help but go down some of these rabbit holes sometimes. And there's also a real culture of cruelty on it for some reason -- a lot of people taking terrible potshots at other people and just stuff like that. Everyone's a critic, whether to comes to cultural things, political things, whatever it is. Also the surveillance. You know, we live in such a surveillance society anyway, I really feel that through your computer, you have just opened up everything to anyone in perpetuity. And I don't like that. Now, granted, it doesn't really mean much that I've shut my computer down. We are still in a surveillance society, but I do feel a little more protected than people who are online the majority of their day, the majority of their lives.

Q: Hi, Janeane. This is Natt from Syracuse. In your special, you attack the Brazilian Bikini Wax. What's so bad about it? - ngarun

I think it's a scam, this Brazillian -- that there's a lot of men who are interested. Now it's my understanding -- is the Brazilian the one that is completely depilatorizing? Now we're talking about completely nothing? That's Brazilian? Okay. I don't believe there are a lot of people who find that attractive. I think we've been sold a bill of goods. I really do. I find that it couldn't possibly be true that there are a lot of guys who find adult females with genitals that look pre-adolescent that attractive. If they do, that's a problem. I mean, I really do think that's a problem. I feel like we've been conned into thinking it's desirable to have that waxing done and that people like it. I really just don't think that's true. It's just one of these national myths that we have all gone along with, for some reason. But that's my take on it.

Q: My follow up question is, you are a proud liberal. Why do you think some liberals aren't as proud as conservatives? - ngarun

Oh, we're just as proud, but what's happening in our popular culture is, for some reason conservatives and right wingers, or people that identify as conservative who are not, dominate the conversation. They try and turn "liberal" into a dirty word. And just as a rule conservatives are just louder and more obnoxious. And what they're proud of, I have no idea. But you know, they are the squeaky wheels that get the grease. And they own the media and they dominate the media and they dominate the conversation. But of course liberals are proud; they have everything to be proud of. But they just don't have much say. You know, they don't have networks -- huge radio networks -- and mega-churches and seats in Congress. You know, there are some people that are called liberals, but true liberals very rarely make it to the upper echelons of power because they're not willing to compromise themselves as much as other people in the political arena are. That's my answer.

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Q: Jeaneane, Will you have dinner WITH me?!/profile.php?id=1358787623 Ask to be my Facebook friend. Please!? - ladcrp