Jane Seymour‘s Open Heart Foundation, inspired by her mother, recognizes the lesser known foundations that are having massive impacts on people’s lives.

Jane Seymour On Open Heart Foundation

“It really comes from my mother Mieke,” Seymour told uInterview, explaining the philosophy behind her Open Heart Foundation. “She was interned in a Japanese camp in World War II for three and a half years in Indonesia, and she always told me when we were growing up that it was because there were always people worse off than her that she was able to have a purpose.”

“The Open Heart Foundation and the Open Heart philosophy is really something that transcends all belief systems, cultures, everything,” Seymour added. “One of those few things that everyone does agree on that you can only give and receive love if your heart is open. If you close off and you restrict it, it’s very hard.”

One of the organizations that Seymour’s Open Heart has recognized with an award has been the Kind Campaign, which was founded by Lauren Paul, who is married to Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, and Molly Thompson. Through their organization, Paul and Thompson make appearances at schools and discuss bullying and its traumatic effects on its victims. An Open Heart award has also gone to Glen Campbell for allowing his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease to be the subject of the CNN documentary I’ll Be Me.

The Open Heart Foundation has opened up nominations for an upcoming award until Jan. 11. “What we’re asking for here is for the public to tell us,” said Seymour. “What there is out there that we maybe don’t know about that we should take a look at?”

Seymour added, “What we will do is we’ll pick three that we feel are most deserving, and I will go to their places, we will film, we will put it altogether. We’ll let the world see what they are doing, and then we will ask the public again to pick the one that they feel should be the winner and they will receive a donation for their charity.”

Seymour, who is best known for starring on TV in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and for her scene-stealing role in Wedding Crashers, has a few film projects in the works, including Fifty Shades of Grey parody Fifty Shades of Black. “It’s hysterical, absolutely hysterical,” Seymour said of the movie in which she plays Marlon Wayans‘ mother. “I have two extraordinarily funny scenes, so I’m looking forward to that.”

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