Jane Lynch and Craig Robinson come together from different galaxies in the new animated movie, Escape From Planet Earth, directed by Cal Brunker, and answer fan questions exclusively in Uinterview’s video interview. Lynch saw just a bit of herself in Io, her rage-prone cyclops character. “She’s bigger than everyone,” Lynch deadpans to uInterview. “She doesn’t really fit everywhere, and I know that feeling very well.”

Born and raised in Dolton, Ill., Lynch appeared in Christopher Guest’s films Best In Show and A Mighty Wind, but first gained wide recognition for her role in Judd Apatow’s The 40 Year Old Virgin. She gained a huge following for her role in Glee as Sue Sylvester, the school’s bully to the students.

Robinson, who plays Doc, an oversized extraterrestrial in Planet Earth, is best known for his roles in The Office, Shrek Forever After and several television series such as Friends and Reno 911. Robinson, also born in Chicago, is recognized as a stand up comedian working with Jerry Minor as “L. Witherspoon & Chucky.”

Now, joining forces on their new film, Lynch and Robinson see Planet Earth as more than just a movie about aliens. “I think it’s a great message for kids, that even though these are aliens, we have the same wants and desires,” says Lynch, “and the need to go home!”https://youtu.be/lynB6HFo8H0

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Q: What could you relate to — or not relate to - in your characters? - Uinterview User

JANE: Anger issues, I got anger issues. [laughs] I have blue eyes. However, I have two, and she has one blue eye. She’s bigger than everybody, except with this guy, I feel petite, but I've always been bigger than everybody, and I think I kind of always was. In this particular world, you know, she’s running into people, she’s bigger than everyone, she doesn’t really fit everywhere, and I know that feeling very well. CRAIG: As far as Doc, people for some unknown reason call me for advice. And it’s always like, ‘Ok, let me see what I can do.' And I always let them know, ‘Hey, I don’t know anything, but this is what I hear is happening.’ You know when people want advice, it’s usually, they just want a sounding [board]. All you do is tell them back what they said to you in the way that you heard it and bam, bam, bam, you have it.

Q: Did you get to work together to record the voices for your characters? - Uinterview User

JANE: No, did you work with anybody? CRAIG: I did not work with anyone at all. JANE: We did it all by ourselves in the isolation of a booth. Yeah, we did it alone. But you know, you have your imagination and everything. I could hear him, even though I didn’t. I was like, of course Craig will say it like this, so I knew what was going to be tossed at me.

Q: What was the most memorable scene for you in the movie? - Uinterview User

JANE: The funniest thing that I could barely do was, George Lopez'€™s character is very slimy and he'€™s breathing through his nose, and my character'€™s sick to her stomach and he blows a bubble out of his nose and she vomits into a bag. That was my favorite scene, it was a very deep moment for me. CRAIG: I had one where there was a food fight. At the end of the food fight, the general comes in and then my character is like, '€˜I told them not to do it, but they did.'€™ But it was like, what threw me off was the way that I said the line '€˜but they did,' like, I never talk like that, so it was watching what the director had me do and I remembered, Oh, that did happen to me, so that was a nice moment for me.

Q: Were you encouraged to ad-lib when you performed your lines? - Uinterview User

JANE: Yeah, I can’t remember one moment. But I remember that yes, you know, you do put your own spin on this, whatever you want. I can’t remember one thing though. CRAIG: Absolutely, I was encouraged to come in and you know, make it in your voice and do whatever.

Q: Q: Do you see a message in this movie? - Uinterview User

JANE: Yeah, that we’re all the same, whether we come from this galaxy or another galaxy. And we don’t know that to be true though, do we? I bet there are some pretty strange things going on in other galaxies, but basically I think it’s a great message for kids, that even though these are aliens, we have the same wants and desires and the same need to go home. We all want to go home. CRAIG: Coming together for one common goal. It’s all about teamwork.