Savannah and Brandon Hudson are siblings, talented musicians, and both members of the band The Heirs. Having recently signed with Sony Music and subsequently having released their newest single “Suburban Wonderland,” The Heirs are having a hot summer.

The Hudson siblings recently sat down with uInterview to discuss their newest single, its music video, and the inspiration behind their music.

While their song “Suburban Wonderland” may be new to listeners and fans, the song is not new to its creators, who wrote it and recorded it a long time ago.

“It was kind of the song we always had and secretively loved the most. When people would ask us about our band, we wouldn’t play any of the songs that were out, we would play that demo,” Savannah Hudson told uInterview exclusively.

“So when the label was finally like, ‘This is your song, we’re going to do a video, this will be the new single,’ we were just unbelievably stoked because we had this whole vision for it and we knew exactly what we wanted to do as soon as they said we’re shooting a music video.”

Once they were given the greenlight, they set off to achieve their vision and got all of their friends involved.

“All of our friends were in the video so it was just like one big beautiful party with all of our friends,” said Savannah.

Her brother expanded, “The party that you see was actually my birthday party and it was really fun to do something memorable like that on my birthday. We’re really happy with how it came out.”

The idea behind the video, as Brandon describes it, is “being trapped in suburbia, being trapped in normality, no matter where you are from. It’s a common representation of us as a youth feeling like we are so limited to a certain space that we exist in and, at the end of the day, you find something beautiful in that.”

And the video, stepped in a neon glow, is beautiful, indeed.

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