Greyston Holt had a unique way of preparing to play the part of Clayton Danvers in Bitten, which is coming to an end after this season.

Greyston Holt On ‘Bitten’

Holt did not get cast as Clayton overnight. After a couple of taped auditions, and a live Skype audition, Holt was called back again for a screentest with Laura Vandervoort, who’d already been cast as Elena. Determined to nail the audition for Bitten, Holt consulted Kelly Armstrong‘s book – which the show is based on, and really got into character.

“After reading the book, a big part of what [the werewolves] do is they get naked and go for these runs, they change into wolves,” Holt explained. Fortunately for Holt, living in Vancouver, there is a lot of secluded wilderness. “I went up there to some trails and took a backpack up with me and my buddy’s dog. And I just left the trail and went an hour into the woods and stripped down and ran around and howled.”

“I think I even freaked the dog out a little,” Holt added, “It’s not often you get to be somewhere naked and yell and howl as loud as you want. If I did that in the city people’ll would think I was a f–king nutjob. But, you know, we’re so lucky in Vancouver to have that access to just raw nature and deep forest. I don’t know if it pushed me over the edge and got me the part, but it was still fun. I recommend it for anybody.”

Holt’s now in his third and final season playing Clayton, and Bitten is going out with a ton of high-stakes drama. Clayton, as Holt explains, is stuck at the center of a conflict between arguably the two most important people in his life – his girlfriend Elena and his brother/pack alpha Jeremy (Greg Byrk).

“Jeremy’s taken a hard line approach when it comes to the mutts, the bad werewolves that we police. It’s basically, he’s said that you join a pack or you’re killed,” Holt revealed.  “[Elena] doesn’t like his new approach…. It’s basically a hunt for blood and there’s a lot of conflict between myself and Elena, well mostly myself. I’m stuck between the woman I love and our pack alpha — who is the boss.”

Before landing the lead on Bitten, Holt had a guest-starring role on Supernatural, a show that he had long wanted to book since it’s shot in his hometown of Vancouver. What Holt remembers best about the experience is the good-naturedness of the show’s stars – Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

“They’re such great guys, genuine as hell and kind and giving. Not jaded,” Holt told uInterview. “They’ve been doing this for a long time, you would think a lot of actors would just be phoning it in, become complacent, but they’re just so passionate about what they do and they’re great guys, so it was fun to just work with them and we had a great time.”

Bitten airs on Syfy Mondays at 11/10c.

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