He’s a Hollywood icon who made a movie about his crazy childhood, My One and Only, starring Rene Zellweger, now out on DVD.

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Q: What has been your favorite role, and why? - contrarywise
Q: Hi George, I'm Natasha from Vermont and my question for you is, what was it like seeing your vision for the movie come to life after all these years? - Natasha

'My One and Only' is an extraordinary film. The boy playing me, Logan Urman, is phenomenal. He just, he looks a lot like me and momentarily I think that's me. And Chris Nod, Mr. Big, he plays one of the stepfathers and Kevin Bacon plays my father. It's an amazing thing that you get a story about your life on film and, more importantly, that it's this kind of caliber film that people will love to see. I wrote a book called 'Don't Mind If I Do' and this was a chapter in that book, but I wrote the book after 'My One and Only' came out. So it's kind of weird, all in one year this has happened. And I'm 70-years-old now, you know, I can just enjoy myself at a day at the beach, I don't have to be doing anything else now. But it's strange I'm actually in action doing things. It's fantastic talking about this.

Q: Thanks. My follow up question is, where there any crazy moments from your book that didn't make it into the movie? - Natasha

Oh sure, there's plenty of things that, I mean my life was, this was just the forerunner of it all. I mean if you read the book or you could read the book you'd see the book is, it tells it all just the way it happened. So 'My One and Only' is just an incident of the book. The book which is 'Don't Mind If I Do' tells it all and maybe that's what I should ask you to do if you're interested in following it up, you know, buy a book and see that. God knows I don't know if I can make another film out of this. I better go on and do something else. One year: a book and a film on your life, it's posthumous almost.

Q: Hi George, this is Kadeen from New York. Rene Zellweger plays a character based on your mother in the movie 'My One and Only.' What is she like in real life? - Kadeen

I didn't spend any time. I think that was one of the things I kind of instinctively knew. If this film was going to be made it had to be made without me being too critical of how it should be made. You really get fine people and you let them do their job. And each one of them tells their own story through you and I through them. And I think that that's how it gets to be universal. So everyone can relate to the movie. But if you try to make it so specific, just your life, and not allow a lot of things in it and become restrictive, what happens is the film because weak and not as strong a film. This film is very, it's very emotionally compelling, and yet a great comedy! It's funny, the lines are coming but you're starting to feel the underbelly of this thing, the heart of it.