Letterkenny, now in tenth season on Hulu, offers a comedic depiction of life in small-town Canada. Evan Stern, who plays Roald, Melanie Scrofano, who plays Mrs. McMurray, and Tyler Johnston, who plays Stewart, reflected on the sheer Canadian-ness of the show in their new uInterview.

The actors shared why being a part of a show that so proudly represents their country means so much to them. “I grew up in Vancouver. I’ve been acting for many years, and a lot of the times we work on shows that try and replicate American cities whether that’s Seattle, or New York, or New Orleans or wherever but this show is very proudly Canadian,” Johnston told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “We have Canadian money, Canadian sayings, Canadian cities. [Letterkenny creator] Jared [Kesso] is a very proud Canadian. He was born on Canada Day. He wanted to make a show that was unapologetically Canadian where we can lean into our ‘oots’ and ‘aboots’ and our weird sayings and it’s something we’re very, very proud of. It’s kind of got ahold of the country a little bit, too. Most people in Canada seem to know what the show is. Whether they watch it or not. They can at least recognize it, so it’s pretty special.”

Scrofano added that she’s proud the show resonates in the States, too.

“It’s also special to be recognized in the States which has such a great film industry,” she said. “I think we a lot of times look down on our own industry here and even our own people and country… like trying to smooth out the ‘abouts,’ etc., so it’s really nice that when I go to the States people are like “Nick Murray’s a piece of s–t!” and it’s really like ‘Oh, we’re here. We’re getting recognized.’ It’s nice to be recognized and valued.”

Season 10 can now be streamed on Hulu.

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