Corbin Bleu takes questions exclusively for users of about his new movie Free Style and the role that made him famous in the High School Musical movies.


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  • Cindy
    Cindy on

    Love it! He’s soo cute. When’s the next HSM movie coming out?


    Dont know exactly what all the hoopla is about this Corbin Bleu.

    Alot of hype for nothing.

    Disney has spoiled these kids rotten and it clearly shows with Corbin Bleu, if this is his real name that is.

    Of all of Disney’s young stars, this Corbin Bleu, along with Raven Symone, has definitely overflown their severely, unwarranted trumpt-up stardom.

    Please Disney, please give me and the american viewer a major break and bring on a totally new team of stars.

    Disney has definitely dug these young stars in a never-ending rut that can only ruin Disney in the future, if they are allowed to continue to act.

    And the constant re-runs of the very same episodes are clearly showing that Disney has absolutely no imagination of dreaming up new ideas, new shows and new stars.

    Disney is on the back burner, if you ask me?

  • Ellen
    Ellen on

    I love him! I think he’s going to be a huge star.

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Q: What was your favorite part from working in High School Musical? - Jeffrey, Toledo

I always loved when we toured when went all across North America and South America. We performed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in front of 70,000 people. That was definitely a highlight of my life.

Q: What was your favorite scene to shoot in Free Style? - Edward, Conn. - Uinterview User

Most of the motocross scenes were the best. I became obsessed with the sport ever since I started learning and I have a Kawasaki 250 bike that I ride back in L.A. all the time and I go to all the races. Any chance I had to get on the bike in the movie was fun for me. Also the blow up scene. The scene where Cale becomes enraged. I don't want to give away too much of the movie but pretty much I get the chance to smash a window and that's always fun. Any time you get a chance to just kinda go off the handle a bit is always fun.

Q: How long have you been riding for? Did you use a double in the movie or did you do the stunts yourself? - Edward, Conn. - Uinterview User

I'd never been on a bike before this film. Yeah, some of the major stunts like flying through the air or when you have a mass cluster of bikes all around each other, a lot of the race sequences but everything else is me, man.

Q: Did you get injured? - Edward, Conn. - Uinterview User

Oh, tons. Tons. Definitely earned the man card with this film.

Q: You recorded the song Moments That Matter for the movie. What was the inspiration for that song? Jeffrey, Toledo - Uinterview User

The song Moments That Matter came along when I was making my album Another Side. I wrote that song on my birthday. That was my 19th birthday. I'm 20 now. I was in the studio at the time. I was in the recording studio and I didn't get a chance to see much of my family or friends but a lot of them called me and left some really wonderful messages and it got me feeling really good and I just wanted to write a song, a sentimental song in a way. A song about family, the people in my life that really matter, which coincided really well with this film. It's a really wonderful family film. The sport of motocross is very family oriented. You have so many people coming together to just have this one person on a bike and it really takes the entire support of the family to get it done.