He was one of the Fantastic Four.’ Now, he’s blowing audiences away in the paranormal thriller, Push.

There were a lot of action scenes in Push. Which was the most difficult and why?

The fight sequence at the end, no question. There’s – in the film, it’s only about five minutes – a fight between myself and another actor, Neil Jackson. And even though it’s a quick passing in the film, blocking the choreography and shooting it took weeks. At least two weeks for training and at least two weeks to shoot. And we really wanted to make it look good. Neither character has a fighting background in the film, so we couldn’t make it look too clean – it had to be dirty and sloppy. And we watched these stuntmen map it out for the cameras, and they were so good; it was like a fight broke out. It looked like a real fight in front of our eyes. So, Neil and myself both said, all right, let’s not get in there and be the wimpy actors. Let’s make this works. So we were sinking some shots and going home with some ice packs.


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Q: I know there was very little green screen used in the movie. How did that affect the movie? - Matt, Los Angeles - Uinterview User

It was great. I mean, that was part of the appeal of doing the film. Paul said he just didn't want to rely heavily on CGI. Paul -- our director -- didn't want to use green screen as a crutch, so for the most part he had to really be creative with the camera. The use of these special abilities in this film were done live in front of our faces, so as an actor it just gives you a tangible world to play off of.

Q: Hi Chris. This is Monica from Pretoria, South Africa. I know you did a lot of scenes in the streets of Hong Kong. That must have been pretty chaotic. What was it like? - Monica Davies

It's difficult. Hong Kong is not really a film-friendly place. So, if you have to shoot on a street, normally in a location you can block off the street, you can own the street, you can bring in extras, and you have complete control of the environment. In Hong Kong that's just impossible. That just couldn't happen there. There are too many people that just don't care so they'll walk right through your shot. So you just gotta hide the cameras and hide the lights and just say 'Action' and there were plenty of days -- I think every single scene in the movie where Dakota and I are walking through the streets of Hong Kong, that's a real day in Hong Kong and those are pedestrians who have no idea they're in a movie.

Q: And my follow up question is, now that you've been a Mover in "Push" and a Human Torch in "Fantastic Four," is there one character you prefer over the other? - Monica Davies

Oooo . . . Tough call. I'm gonna say the Human Torch. We got the outfits; we got the nicknames, ya know. It's tough to beat that.

Q: And also, are you a big comic book fan? - Monica Davies

Not really. I didn't really grow up reading them. I think it's something you have to kind of get into in your youth and then you just have an affinity for it. I mean, I ended up reading a lot of them after booking "Fantastic Four," and I have an enormous respect for them. You know, I think it's a much smarter way to spend your youth, as opposed to what I was doing -- probably watching Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry run around and whack each other. So it's a really intelligent medium.

Q: Hi Chris. This is Diana from Long Beach. What was your experience like working with Dakota Fanning on "Push"? Do you have a particular memory that stands out working with her on the movie? - Diana, Long Beach - Uinterview User

Unbelievable. She might be my favorite co-star -- she's great. I mean, she's wildly mature. And I'm wildly immature, so together we hit it off right away. And she's just a great, great person. Not only is she talented and successful and all the things that we all know, but she's a really, really a sweet, genuine human being with a great heart. She'll meet you once and never forget your name; she got everybody wrap gifts. She's just -- given all of the success and good fortune she's found, it's amazing that she's managed to keep her head screwed on straight. And every day was a great memory with Dakota. I always had more fun when she was on set.

Q: Do you believe in the supernatural? - Diana, Long Beach - Uinterview User

No, I haven't, but I'll never say never. I think in the beginning of this movie I was a bit of a skeptic, but we all went online and did a little bit of research. And, ya know, after you spend a few hours online, it definitely opens your eyes up to the fact that it's possible. It's certainly, certainly possible. It's like saying aliens don't exist. You can never make that statement because there's just -- there's so much unknown about this world. It's certainly a possibility.