He’s the hot star of ‘2012,’ the biggest disaster flick of all time. Chiwetel Ejiofor takes your questions here.

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Q: Hi, Chiwetel. This is Kim from Texas. The special effects are just phenomenal in the movie. What scenes were the most challenging? - KimberlyOwens

Well, I actually got off pretty lightly with the special effects in the movie. John Cusack and Amanda Peet took the real brunt of it. But I did a little water work in the film and that was -- I thought it was fine; I actually had a really good time! It was strange; I kind of wish I had done more.

Q: Thanks! Do you have a favorite scene working with John Cusack, the director, and Amanda Peet? - KimberlyOwens

It was just a really great time, a really fun set to be on. And, you know, I got to work with actors that I really adore and that I've always wanted to work with. John Cusack and Oliver Platt, and Danny Glover, and I didn't get to work so much with Woody Harrelson but, you know, I was glad he was around. And I'd worked with Thandie before -- Thandie Newton -- and that was great, to work with her again. And Amanda Peet. You know, it was a great group of people to be around. I had a fantastic time.

Q: Hey Chiwetel. This is Chris from New York. Did you study any of the Mayan beliefs before taking the role in '2012'? And do you think there might be any truth to these predictions? - Chris Roberts

I did. I mean, I didn't know much about it beforehand. I knew about the prophecy a bit, about the Mayan calendar and then the date -- 2012 -- but that was it. You know, I looked up a lot of stuff about the Mayan prophecy and Nostradamus and the connection with the dates with that, and that got me a little bit paranoid, actually. But, on the whole, I felt kind of okay about it. You know, there are different ways of interpreting the Mayan calendar, and one way is the end of days -- the apocalypse. And the other way -- well one of the other ways -- is this kind of new beginning, a change in consciousness. You know, somehow starting something afresh. So, you know, maybe we'll experience that instead, let's hope!

Q: What do you think about NASA issuing a statement that the world is not going to end in 2012? - Chris Roberts

I just breathe a huge sigh of relief. It was good. Who knows really what's going to happen? I definitely hope that this is a kind of fantastical take on this ancient prophecy.