He plays Capt. Pike in one of the hottest movies of the summer, Star Trek. Bruce Greenwood takes questions exclusively for users of Uinterview.com.

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Q: Hi, Bruce! You've played everything from some very charismatic bad guys to one of the most beloved Presidents of the United States. Are there any "dream roles" you'd like to tackle on-screen? - Don Normann
Q: What was the most exciting scene for you to shoot for Star Trek? - Karen, New York City

The scene in the bar was the most fun but I think walking onto the set of the Enterprise for the first time and seeing it teeming with people and its perfectly ergonomic design that evokes the old bridge effected me tremendously. On a set usually there are people everywhere–they’re draped on chairs, they are sitting on apple boxes, they are on every bit of the set decoration–this was no different except there were 60 people milling about, but there was no one in the captain’s chair.

Q: There were so many amazing special effects in the movie. What were the most difficult special effects to produce? - Kevin, Washington, D.C.

All the stuff on the Romulan ship the Nurada was real. It was three-dimensional it was something that JJ [Abhrams] wanted to take a lot of care to create. To make them really 3-imensional and buld them all so they really feel real. The set of the Nurada was massive, massive tons of black, dripping hydrolics. It was modular so they could shift it around with ina day to represent a different part of the ship that was the genious of it’s design

Q: What's your most memorable moment on set with J.J. Abrams, Zachary Quinto, and Chris Pine? - Karen Holmberg

Zach Quinto and Chris Pine are very funny guys. It was a laugh riot every day. The whole cast is full of very funny people actually so we just had a lot of fun. J.J. likes the controlled chaos so the sets were so big that quite often he'd have to use a microphone to get everybody's attention. But he'd start by going [beat boxes], much better than that of course because he has a lot of rhythm. But it was just a crazy chaotic scene that was a lot of fun for everybody.

Q: I'm sure you have a lot of fanatical Star Trek fans. What's the craziest request you've gotten from one of your fans? - Kevin, Washington, D.C. - Uinterview User

Nothing that's freaked me out at all. The people that I've met that are really into it, and I've met a lot now, are just really enthusiastic and fun to talk with.

Q: Are there any scenes that you are particularly fond of that didn't make it into the final cut? - Uinterview User

Yeah, there's about an hour's worth of material of Pike at home playing guitar, playing piano, singing, juggling. There's a long juggling sequence that they removed but he was alone and dressed in peculiar clothing that I can't comment on.

Q: Were you a life long Trekkie before the film? How did you build that personal affection into the role? - Neil Pedley

No, I mean I watched it as a kid sort of intermittently.