He’s one of the Ocean’s Eleven team. Now Andy Garcia‘s got a new movie out, City Island, about a family that just won’t shut up.


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Q: Hi Andy, this is Audrey from Long Island. City Island is all about family secrets. Why did the script speak to you and have you ever hidden a secret like one of those your character has? - Audrey Szepinski

Well, I was very taken by it. It was very charming, not a lot of surprises in it. It was very easy to love, you know. You know we all have things we keep private that we feel it's best not to share with someone else for whatever reason. Not to the degree of my character's dysfunction.

Q: My follow up question is, your character in the movie has a very uncomfortable first audition. What was your first audition like? - Audrey Szepinski

All that sense of anxiety and not knowing what you're gonna get into and really doing a terrible job with it and all that stuff, you know. So you do recall all those moments of, like I said, uncomfortability.

Q: Hey Andy, this is Ahmed from Miami. What was the most memorable moment for you while working on City Island? - Ahmed

I would say the audition sequence. I think being able to play that scene which was very uniquely written and constructed and it was a great opportunity for me as an actor to put myself in that situation as that character.

Q: My follow up question is, what's next for you? - Ahmed

I've done a couple movies I'm not sure when they're gonna come out yet. One's called Georgia and I've written a movie that I'm gonna, that I'm in the process of financing that I'm gonna direct called Hemingway and Fuentes. I'm in process, as they say.