Andy Garcia by Uinterview

Andy Garcia plays the President of the Republic of Georgia taking on the Russians in the new Renny Harlin film, 5 Days of War, which is based on real events.

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Q: does acting get easier for you as time goes on? - ArielLong
Q: My first question is to Renny, who by the way made this great movie (5 Days of War): I've noticed that you have some intresting projects upcoming and I would like to know that are you planning to make some project in Finland? And Andy you played your part professionally and believably in 5 Days of War and my question is how did you got involved with this great movie? - Suomipoeg
Q: Five Days of War, judging from the trailer, seems to have at its core a theme of objective truth. So I was wondering how this idea of truth or the fidelity of the history informed the making of the movie - Matthew Zingg

That’s the message I feel it should have. An anti-war message. Look what happens when these things go down. It’s brutal. War is a brutal situation. The casualties are very widespread and last for years after the conflict is over. If the movie can somehow awaken that in somebody, so that the next time that somebody decides maybe we should get into a conflicted situation, they’ll think twice. It’s a utopian thought, but we need to respect each other, respect our boundaries and our individual rights of freedom and of expression, all those things.

Q: another test - atul
Q: testing - atul
Q: What's next for you guys? - Kimberly Steele
Q: There are dicussion in internet that 5 Days of War was funded by Georgian state or even president Shalikasvili. Are these only wrong rumors? - timomyllyniemi
Q: hello mr. harlin, out of all the movies you directed which are your top 3 that are most memorable to you? - ArielLong
Q: What was it about “Five Days of War” that initially attracted you to the project? - angela bunt

Well I was sent the screenplay with an offer to participate, and it came in four days before I actually had to shoot the scene, so I didn’t have much time. Don’t know why really that happened. But I was stimulated by the story, and by the challenges of the character and I knew Renny’s work and I decided to do it. So I quickly began to do the work I needed to do to try to meet the challenges of the character.