Amy Smart takes questions exclusively for users of uInterview about Crank 2: High Voltage, her film with Jason Statham.

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Q: What was the most exciting scene to film in making Crank 2? - Uinterview User

One of the more exciting scenes was actually in the strip club. I play a pole dancer -- an amateur pole dancer, and there's a whole scene in the club and that was really fun.

Q: You play a pole dancer in Crank 2. Did you meet any real strippers to learn about the stripper scene? What did they teach you? - VirginiaChu

I did some homework at a couple strip clubs just to get an idea of what the girls are doing and how they move their bodies and I used some of that in my performance.

Q: What's memorable experience you had in working with Jason [Statham- in the movie? - Uinterview User

In the first [movie], we had that insane Chinatown scene. So, of course, we had to try to top that one by having a complete sex scene at a horse race track. It was so over the top and comedic, that we both had to make complete fools of ourselves. That's when we let out guards down and completely went for it. We laughed and had fun. I would say that would be the most insane scene I did with him.

Q: Did you do your own stunts? What was the most difficult scene for you to do? -Virginia, New York City - VirginiaChu

I did. There's a part where I'm getting sprayed with a fire hose down the horse race track and it's just like the full powered water and it just was gross and messy and just being bombarded by water it just was not fun.