Alison Moyet and her music has gone through several changes over the course of the singer/ songwriter’s career. Her ninth solo album, Other, is set to be released on June 17 and, musically, will serve as a sort of call back to her early sound, rooted in electronica.

One of the first places she explored that sound was with her band Yazoo – known as Yaz to American audiences. Moyet and former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke formed Yazoo in 1981, recorded two albums, but quickly broke up in 1983. They briefly reunited for a tour in 2008 and for one show in 2011 but have not gotten back together since.

When asked about the possibility of another reunion, Moyet didn’t sound very hopeful.

“I don’t imagine there ever would be,” Moyet told uInterview exclusively.

“When Vince split up with Depeche you could see he had a weight to him, because it’s like a marriage, it’s like an intense relationship. I don’t think he ever intended to go straight into forming another band, it just happened that we did this thing together and it went massive,” Moyet said.

Despite the band’s critical and monetary success – three of Yazoo’s four singles made it into the top three of the UK Singles Chart – Moyet suggests the relationship was not meant to last, and both members knew it.

“I was like the transition relationship, we didn’t have any time to become friends. He was the one, out of all of that crowd, that I knew the least and we had no time to become friends,” said Moyet.

“It just wasn’t a happy time so we split up.”

Beyond their personal relationship, their musical styles didn’t seem to match up in the harmonious way one would expect from a band-mate.

“[My musical tastes] are a bit darker than Vince’s and Vince has always celebrated pure pop,” Moyet said. “And he’s a very good proponent of it.”

While fans of Yazoo shouldn’t be hopeful for a reunion, Moyet’s newest release should serve as quite a fulfilling substitute.

To watch more of our interview with Moyet, click here.

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