He’s the hottest vampire on HBO’s hit True Blood, the #1 series on cable. Sweden’s (eight-time!) Sexiest Man Alive Alexander Skarsgard answers your questions in our exclusive uInterview video. Skarsgard, who previously appeared on HBO’s acclaimed series Generation Kill, loves his role as Eric, the understated, wicked vampire. Nonetheless, Skarsgard feels that his character is often misunderstood and trivialized. “And one thing, sometimes people want Eric to be the bad guy, like, ‘Oh so you’re the evil vampire,’ and I don’t think so — I don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s more complicated than that,” Skarsgard told uInterview exclusively.

The Swedish actor expressed his admiration for director Alan Ball, the writer/director, who before working on True Blood worked on another HBO series, Six Feet Under. It was Ball’s dedication and intelligence, according to Skarsgard, that led to the show’s success. “Sometimes people are in the business for other reasons or work on specific projects for other reasons, but Alan loves this project so much and all the characters, so he’s so devoted and very hands-on,” remarked Skarsgard.

True Blood is known for an abundance of sex and violence – it’s on HBO, after all – but this fact never really caused Skarsgard much worry. “I’m Scandinavian, damn it. We love to be naked! Actually, it was kind of liberating because I’ve done movies before where people come with contracts — 20 pages of ‘if you show this nipple from this angle, but not that one’ and ‘two seconds of this.’ I did not grow up in that kind of movie climate and it’s quite different in Sweden I don’t mind it all. Nudity is great!” exclaims Skarsgard.

Hear more of what Skarsgard has to say in our interview exclusively conducted with questions by members of Uinterview.com.

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  • Amanda
    Amanda on

    Thanks, I’ve never seen an interview with him! He’s great on the show! So sexy!

  • Julie
    Julie on

    Finally, an interview in English!!!

  • michelle
    michelle on

    Ahhh…could he be anymore perfect!!! He’s so humble about everything and has a great sense of humor! He gives me a reason to want to go to Sweden!! hehe

  • sherry
    sherry on

    Its nice to see an interview wih him. its to bad they didnt ask if he married or single or looking where does live and etc.

  • Jodi
    Jodi on

    He’s an outstanding talent.
    It’s quite amazing how brilliantly he’s mastered the American accent – it can’t be easy if your first language is Swedish!

    The guy’s got everything – looks, bod, height, intelligence, talent … and a pretty good singing voice!
    Wonder if his Dad, Stellan, gives him acting or career advice? He mentioned being stubborn, like his character Eric …. wonder what his Dad would say about that?

  • no named girl.
    no named girl. on

    ahhh he is gorgeous. love him on true blood! his american accent is excellent. he is soo talented…im done now =)

  • Bridget
    Bridget on

    I love Eric! He’s been my favorite character since, like, the 2nd book^_^
    And Alexander is so pretty and plays him really well!
    Can’t wait for more Sookie/Eric moments!

  • Kerrie
    Kerrie on

    He is not married or dating anyone at this time. He currently lives in LA but last I new he had an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden

  • lutefisk
    lutefisk on

    Please, pleeezzz give a wee bit more of a Swedish lilt accent. It drives woman nuts. You try to hide it, but I can hear it and its a treat. When Eric walked out the door in his last scene. I thought you said something in Swedish. But your darling accent came through. Work it pleeezze. Its awsome to hear. Takk

  • melina
    melina on

    I think he is a phenomenal actor and LOVE his work in “Generation Kill” as well as “True Blood”!

  • Cecilia
    Cecilia on

    Oh man, I’m a huge fan. I wish I made it to the interview. I have so many interesting questions to ask.

  • Georganne
    Georganne on

    Ok so we are are all hoping to see some Eric vampire butt.

  • Danny
    Danny on

    In the last scene, he said “Ã

  • Angelia
    Angelia on

    I wonder sometimes as fame becomes a mounting thing is it even harder for you to find a real person that gets you and is not enamoured with a character that you play?

  • Deb
    Deb on

    Can only say GORGEOUS !!!!
    I am not a young 20 something but I love this man!!! Eric is soooo sexy. Uhmmm more please!!!!

  • sandi
    sandi on

    is he perfectly delicious or what? i hope he begins getting GOOD movie roles in the U.S. because i cannot get enough of him.

  • Deborah
    Deborah on

    Each Vampire has special talents, what kind of talents would you like to see your character have or illuminate on screen, what would be fun for you to reveal besides your gorgeous body?P.S. Can’t wait to see more of you in the future!!

  • Angelica
    Angelica on

    I love it when he immitates how it was to talk with fangs in his mouth. so funny!

  • savannah
    savannah on

    Alex is built like a brick —- house and has handsome looks to die for. Let’s not forget he is a great actor. To go from Generation Kill to Tru Blood was beautiful.

  • Kimmie
    Kimmie on

    i love him in the last drop… that was a good movie

  • Marilara
    Marilara on

    Hubba, Hubba!!

  • D Murray
    D Murray on

    In reading the books that Trueblood is based on, which I could not stop reading, til I read them all. I can’t picture any other actor who could do a more believable Eric than Skarsgard (although, I’ve never seen him in any other role). Charlaine’s description of Eric, his mannerisms the tone in his voice, body language, the eyebrow thing, even Eric’s sense of humor comes through. I must be impressed ’cause I never done this before. (es muy sexy)

  • Danielle
    Danielle on

    I know that you must get alot of woment trying to get to go out with you. I was just wondering if you did go with them, and how do you know that they want to get to know the real you and what you are like, instead of just wanting to be with your character?

  • ic
    ic on

    This guy is so down to earth, he’s modest about how handsome he is. Good sense of humor. Great smile. Just the full package. We ladies are swooning over you, my man! Alan Ball couldn’t have picked a better choice to play Eric Northman. I just hope we see more of Alex/Eric next season’s TB. Where can we go to send fanmail? Alex, when I find your fanmail addy I expect a response back from you directly :-). You were awesome in GK. You are awesome in TB. Keep up the good work. Try to stay as down to earth as you appear to be. When you are beautiful inside it shines on the outside.. and I am sure that’s where you get your handsome-ness from. You’re the man! ic !!<mWah>!!

  • Dan Musen
    Dan Musen on

    I love the show TRUE BLOOD and i think your great choice for the roll. Hope you will have more scenes next season. I first saw your work in GENERATION KILL. Great show, keep up the good work.

  • Andrea
    Andrea on

    Eric is my favorite character in the show and the books. I really hope he will get to play his full role from the books in the next season of TB. I think Alex plays the role wonderfully. What a hottie!! Let’s see some more of you.

  • Sonya
    Sonya on

    i want to know if he has a girlfriend and if not does he want one! also, where in NYC are they shooting 13 (2010)?

  • annie and sarah patino
    annie and sarah patino on

    Your character is so well-played and interesting, it left us wanting more knowledge about both the character and you as a person.

    It was great to see how you are in real life, that you’re really focused and very witty, and yes, handsome of course. But really, sounds like you’re a great guy.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer on

    Very funny personality! Love your beautiful eyes too. I share the Scandinavian attitude toward nudity so I wonder if that extends to American of Baltic heritage.

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward on

    Alex is excellent in True Blood, and hope to see you in more scenes next season!

  • Bess
    Bess on

    My comment…he does not force himself upon the character such as So&so is starring in Wintertime and So&so is starring in Springtime. So&so becomes boring very quickly. I like that he brings his experiences, his feelings to the character and brings the character to life. That is talent.

  • Helen O'Keefe
    Helen O'Keefe on

    Wonderful interview! I have been reading Ms. Harris’s books and they take place where all the men and boys in my family history honorably and bravely fought and some died which makes the books very special to me. Our family’s home is on the historical tour in Raymmond MS.
    There is such a striking resemblance, are you Stellan Skarsgard’s son? I have always admired his work and his voice is enchanting.
    But many of actor’s Southern accents on True Blood seem forced/exagerated, except for Rene…we all thought he was the real thing. Good Gris Gris to you and the cast for next season! with warm blooded regards from the state of moonlight and magnolias…Helen Granberry O’Keefe,Ocean Springs,MS

  • Karen Hill
    Karen Hill on

    Simply no one else could think of playing Eric. I hope you realize how many women who are committed to the written Eric. You will now embody the Eric fantasy, putting a very perfect face to a very perfect everything! Please understand the gift you’ve been given. Millions of women totally devoted to you and not even a full 30 mins of screen time total for S1. I know because I recorded just your scenes. Your guaranteed to be Hollywoods Golden Prince before ep 3 of S2. Oh, and its safe bet that I’ll be stalking you sometime in the future. Can’t say you haven’t been warned. Totally obsessed (but in a good way, really.) FYI-Eric/Alex calendar & posters…they won’t be able to print the fast enough.

  • Helen
    Helen on

    So you are Stellan’s son…I thought so…ALL THAT…AND a fellow Chicago Cub’s fan too?! Hopefully we can toast them next year! Helen

  • Bev
    Bev on

    Absolutely in love with the series ‘True Blood’. Best wishes for a lenghy running of the show! Your character acting is brilliant!

  • Kay Douglas
    Kay Douglas on

    I love the True Blood series and am very happy it allowed me to ‘discover’ you.

    I note that you seem to have done a lot of comedy in Swedish films and don’t seem to take yourself too seriously. Is there any particular genre you enjoy the most?

    Also, you directed a film with Valter- is that because you’re interested in directing or because you wanted to be there for your little brother? Will you venture into directing in English as well if given the opportunity or do you prefer sticking to acting for now?

  • jjanet
    jjanet on

    Have you ever met a true vampire

  • ShainaEve
    ShainaEve on

    love the fact that you are just an amazing actor and an extremely gorgeous man!best of wishes for the new seasons coming up and to the amazing turn your career has just taken muahhh xoxo:P

  • helen OKeefe
    helen OKeefe on

    Gosh, We believe that Six Feet Under was based in part on our family and understood that Ron Howard has the rights. It’s a real David and Goliath story and one that really deserves to be done. Hope everyone will come visit the Frank Gehry designed Museum in Biloxi, MS. Katrina did her damage, as did Camille, but it’s hard to leave the place you love. Helen

  • Kay Schwartz
    Kay Schwartz on

    What an unexpected delight-True Blood. Your best line-“There are favors, and then there are FAVORS” too funny! Your best scene-The bathtub, casually twiddling your toes to ancient Swedish music. Hope to see you in a love story opposite Miss Hauppert. Best of luck-clearly not needed.

  • shirley
    shirley on

    Eric,your the BOMB,LOVE YOU

  • Margaret
    Margaret on

    I Hope He Has A Great 2009 Best Wishes….

  • carrie
    carrie on

    I’m new to this but I’m really want to meet a real live vamp

  • carley
    carley on

    i love your stuf and twilight i what to be a vamp and to meet one to it was so cool if i did meet one it will be cool to vamp are so cool to me i love them.

  • Angie Thomas
    Angie Thomas on

    How do you compare living over here versus Swedan? What has been your favorite role you have played? You started acting at a young age, how do you feel about that if you don’t mind me asking? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

  • Joan Dunn
    Joan Dunn on

    Love watching the interview and hearing your views on TrueBlue. Was wondering if you ever check out the threads on TrueBlood Wiki. It is really fun reading about Bill vs. Eric for Sookie. Lots of ardent fans write on there.

  • Joan Dunn
    Joan Dunn on

    Sorry about that (trueblue). Of course, I am just a little excited after reading your interview. True Blood it is, for sure!

  • john  agront
    john agront on


  • Jen
    Jen on

    Tycker du gør ett underbart jobb, skall bli roligt att få se sæsong 2 snart. Ha det bra øver atlanten.

  • Monica
    Monica on

    I’d love to see him NUDE!

  • patricia
    patricia on

    je trouve que alexander skarsgard ;qui fait eric est super genial dans la serie true blood esque eric est amoureux de sooky dans la saison 2 et lui montrera t;il

  • tarn
    tarn on

    I love Alex! He have always been so nice on camera and with paparazzi and all of those random video interview that people catches him along the way…
    only only he is a good actor in the kind of roll I love,. he is also nice and looks like a warm person in real life as well…
    I hope we see more of him in Hollywood’s silver screen!!! Soon!

  • zina
    zina on

    i love you,your the best and i can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next Sunday on true blood.

    Alexander what do you love the most about your character and why?

    If you don’t mind me asking are you single?

  • Cecilia
    Cecilia on

    Alexander is a fantastic actor his emotions in the stuff that ive seen him are always raw and it looks like it comes naturally to him,i just saw generation kill and even though i couldn’t understand most of the terminology it was good to watch his performance.I wish i could have gotten a chance to ask him a question in this video.Am from Africa and ive been in Canada for almost five years.I moved here for college and stayed after college because of better opportunities,Its not the easiest thing being away from your whole family.My question to you Alexander is what do you do in order to not think about home and miss your family?

  • siomara hernandez
    siomara hernandez on

    i think that your an awesome actor and hope to see you in other things besides true blood, and one question when are you coming to L.A so your cali fans can meet you in person? 🙂

  • kristine
    kristine on

    Eric is so hot..he’s my favorite vampire….i want him to bite me..i luv the sexy voice.it is scary in a i’m gonna rip your clothes off kind of way……

  • Lauren
    Lauren on

    Alexander Skarsgard is an outstandingly talented actor. He’s polite and nice, even to the paparazzi who randomly video him walking in the street. I hope to see more of him and I can’t wait until Straw Dogs is released.

    Plus you have to admit, he is easy on the eyes. Haha!

  • Elia
    Elia on

    I truly admire Alexander and I am very much impressed with his acting as Eric. I seriously just can’t keep my eyes off of him when he’s on the screen. He’s very handsome & charming and his eyes are very expressive. Now, that’s what I call Hot!

    I was also surprised that he played as Lady Gaga’s bf on the Paparazzi video.

    By the way, any upcoming appearances in NY & NJ?

    Keep it up Alex and we, your fans, support you all the way! ^_^ Take care. 🙂

  • Stephanie Stowers
    Stephanie Stowers on

    First off, during the first season of True Blood my husband and I got pregnant with our first child, right before season two started, I gave birth to a blond haired blue eyed baby boy who I named Alexander, needless to say explaining to people he wasn’t named after you has been really hard 😉

    This past weeks episode was amazing. For a fan of the books it was so nice to see the softer side of Eric, the series has kind of made him out to be the bad guy and in the books he really isn’t, he is the hero (to me that is).

    The relationship he has with Sookie is so tongue and cheek the entire series and seeing it on T.V. is too good for words.

    When the series started I was really worried about who they were going to cast as Eric and I couldn’t be happier! Being a fan of Generation Kill, it was such a nice surprise to see you as Eric, even nicer knowing everything that happens to Eric in the books.

    I was wondering have you read the books? And a unrelated question have you seen the youtube.com movies that are tributes to you and “Eric”, if you have how do you feel about them?

    You already know how crazy your fans are, and trust me its just going to get worse, after last weeks episode and the “dream scene”…… I just feel sorry for my husband. 😉

  • Jessica
    Jessica on

    I have never been so into a TV series in my life. Alexander Skarsgard is my most favorite character at this point. You all have fans that fantasize about each and everyone of you, especially Alexander, how do you feel about the peoples response to your incredible acting skills and their personal thoughts ?

  • Anne Marie Carson
    Anne Marie Carson on

    Hey! I want to know about Sookie and Eric’s real relationship!!!!! I want to know if he loves her or just uses her for her gift!

  • Kwon A jeong
    Kwon A jeong on

    I love him!
    he’s my favorite actor!
    I want to get this interview.

  • Daius
    Daius on

    Hi! my name is Daiana.
    i would like to say that Eric´s character at this point confused me a little bit. I mean, i know his is not someone bad but… does he really love sookie or is it just a joke?…

    About Alexander… i think he is great…. but there is no word to describe him…

  • gabby
    gabby on

    i have a question for him 🙁 how do i send him a question..

  • Alejandra
    Alejandra on

    Im really glad he thinks nudity is great.I think americans get way too hyper about nudity.so i hope we will be seeing more of that luscious ass please

  • Alejandra
    Alejandra on

    I said you had a luscious ass youre also one hell of an actor. you give eric just enough layers at the right times.Ihope eric gets to kick the crap out of bill for hitting him just one good punch.

  • Jordan&Kara
    Jordan&Kara on

    We have fallen in love with Eric’s character this season.We think eric should be nude more often =]

  • phillippa
    phillippa on

    hi, alexander. (or alexander robot.) i was a sort of rabid watcher during the first season, absolutely loved the show, and, while i havent been as involved in season two (to my deep chagrin) i was thrilled to find out your character eric’s role has become so much more central to the story. there’s a been a lot of development there, much more revealed about his history and the way his mind works. we see him more as a person than ‘that delicious viking vampire.’ – as an actor, and especially an actor in a series as popular is this, how amazing is it to have so much to play around with?

  • vicki
    vicki on

    I think Eric is great and

    alexander does a fab job. Also hope to see much more of you and Sookie in the buff, if you get my drift

  • vicki
    vicki on

    one more thing I hope the season finally kicks butt and I think it sould be towo hours long. Does anyone know when we can buy season two?

  • Raine
    Raine on

    I think that you are an amazing actor. The way that you play this role is got me completely hooked on true blood just dying to see the next episode everytime. If I could pick any actor that I would want to meet it would definately be you.

  • TBear444
    TBear444 on

    A lot of season 2 gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I keep watching because of Alexander. I’m a huge fan of Charlaine Harris’ work and Alexander does a great job portraying the Erik character. Now, I can’t read her Sookie Stachkhouse literature without picturing him. Damn good job!

  • Nina
    Nina on

    I have to say that i love love loveee the show! you do a fantastic job with the character! I have read all the books as well! I cant wait for the 3rd season already! Hope all is well! Looking forward to the scream awards! hope you win!

  • lynda
    lynda on

    i would have liked to hear ALL of alexander’s comments and not that nasal irritating voice of the interviewer or whoever that is over top

  • lynda
    lynda on

    alexander is very HOT hard to believe that his dad? was bill in mama mia- one of my favs too. does alexander sing too?

  • lynda
    lynda on

    i agree. i’ve read all the vamp books and alexander NAILS the character of eric( boy would i like to be there when he has time for a girlfriend! i would ask him to wear his “teeth”

  • lynda
    lynda on

    i was really sad to see godric go- that was a HUGE mistake!!!

  • lynda
    lynda on

    sexiest man alive. i can believe it! whoever votes- knows what they are doing… first, hugh jackman(yummy) and now alexander(fang banging yummy!)

  • ERIN
    ERIN on


  • jjbc
    jjbc on

    Just wanted to say he is the most incredible actor I have ever seen. He talks with his eyes and his voice is from the gods. Are all Swedish men so gifted?

  • Kimberley
    Kimberley on

    Gday. Just wanna say that i think Alex is a gorgeous and very talented actor. We cant wait down under for it to come to TV! Where does a girl find a man as hot he is???

  • Ashlander
    Ashlander on

    Alexander du har en vacker kropp jag skulle inte ha något emot att se dig naken;)

    <33 Ashley



  • Yuriko
    Yuriko on

    So I just read all 8 of the novels… soon to start the 9th. I definitely think that it would be interesting to see the show take some more of the turns the books do -especially with the relationship between Eric & Sookie. 🙂

  • LD Clark
    LD Clark on

    As a army officer I live in a very real world. To real some days. This series has been a gift. A great escape into a world of the fiction. I really like Eric. He brings me in. I am very excited for the next season to see where the story leads. Thanks for the escape.

  • Martine Joseph
    Martine Joseph on

    he is such a man not only is he handsome, i want you alexander skargard.

  • Allison
    Allison on

    I will say that…what could I say that no one has already said. You breath life to the character; unsureness, passion, maybe even hope. Not sure what else to say. Vagfa.

  • janet
    janet on

    The series has brought me back to TV. It is a great show and Alexander Skarsgard is what makes it so incredible. He is super talented and extraordinarily handsome. His eyes take my breath away.

  • Sherion
    Sherion on

    I’m sure you read the first
    installment “Dead until Dark”
    to get a true reading on “Eric Northman’s” character and where he’s headed. Have you read any more books in the series and
    do you read the new releases as they come out?

  • Juliana
    Juliana on

    Eric the Northman is one of the most interesting supernaturals in Charlaine Harris vampire books. I was surprised that in the HBO series the story line was so changed and the characters are portrayed differently, Bill appears too much as the good loving guy and Eric rather as the villain. I want Eric sexy, arrogant, selfish and dangerous but not exactly evil. However, Alexander Skarsgard does justice to Eric Northman, I could never imagine a better actor for the role. Too bad he got blood in his hair and had to go for a shorter style, he’s still dangerously hot though. I Can’t wait for the next book and the next season!

  • Mila
    Mila on

    I love your work.Hope season 3 comes soon because I am hooked;all the best.

  • Grace Moreno
    Grace Moreno on

    What do you do for fun!!! Do you enjoy sports? Read novels, do taichi? I would imagine since Trueblood has gone through the roof, there’s not enough down time for you. I hope you can find that down time to truly find relaxtion and peace.

  • Raven
    Raven on

    I wonder if he will do more American movies now and stay here rather than Sweden?

  • Kathy
    Kathy on

    You are obviosuly related to Stellan who is a fabulous actor. How is it trying to live up to that legacy?
    PS You’re doing a great job on True Blood.

  • Kim
    Kim on

    Alex, you mentioned Mauritius in an interview what could a lady and her love do while visiting there? And if not Mauritius what other places would you suggest??? Oh by the way, I have seen some of your film shorts on YouTube and interviews in Swedish (Sometimes your acting reminds me of a younger Viggo Mortensen who is severely under-rated in certain circles)…I love your character of Eric Northman but I wish you could play him closer to the books. Alan Ball gave Eric’s Southern Vampires nobility to Bill on the True Blood series(LOL –those are the breaks). I hope you do have more opportunities to do more work here in the United States but if Sweden calls you home I’ll find a way to see what you have out there. 🙂 Do you have a favorite work out there? If so what has it been?

  • Lisa
    Lisa on

    Hi Alex…what is it like to be the role in True Blood?

  • Savannah Carlon
    Savannah Carlon on

    Dear Alex,
    Since you got the role of Eric, and all the scrpits you have read, is there anything that the Character Eric as taught you?

  • Kay
    Kay on

    I have an 8 yr old son interested in acting—what do you see as the pros and cons of introducing the craft at such a young age? What motivated you to leave for awhile? And to come back? What would be your advice in guiding him?

  • christina R
    christina R on

    I have to say I really love your character on trueblood!! You are awsome and very hot!!! Could you send me an autograph? Also is there going to be another season and if so are you going to be in it?

  • Shannon Carter
    Shannon Carter on

    I love you.
    I’m really not supposed to watch True Blood because I am only 14, but I do anyways. I am an Eric girl. I love him 100% He is the best out of all of them.

  • Emily Tibbits
    Emily Tibbits on

    i wanted to say that i love ya!i know you get that everyday but i felt i needed to say it haha!!

  • susan meadows
    susan meadows on

    i love trueblood i can not wait for it to come back on. i all so think Bill is sexy too

  • Jessica, Ireland
    Jessica, Ireland on

    If you could ask Eric one question, what would it be? I’m sure a thousand year-old vampire would have some interesting things to tell!

  • sara whittum
    sara whittum on

    Ya, Eric is “HOT”. However, I feel that Alexander will be amazing in every role.(including himself)Are you articulate & shy like you appear in these interviews? You are absolutely adorable!

  • angela love
    angela love on

    love how you play this role! very much to the books (not that im expecting everything to go by the book) and how i imagined eric would be! LOVE THIS SHOW!

  • Jonna Newbold
    Jonna Newbold on

    I Love Eric! I got hooked on the show, then sunk my teeth into the books. It was nice to have Alexander to think of while reading the books; all the better for the sex scenes with Sookie 🙂

  • lori miller
    lori miller on

    I love Eric and the voice you use is sexy. I saw the show then read the books which are yummy. I’m waiting for the next book and season 3. Hurry it up already! Please

  • Aman
    Aman on

    Alexander is totaly cool !!!
    Now I know Why Sookie chose you !!!…
    love ya

  • liznnorb
    liznnorb on

    Love the show. Really impressed and pleased with his approach to the character of Eric. It's important that he be multi dimensional and sort of repellant and attractive all at once. Not easy and AS clearly gets that. Love it. You're great. Keep up the great work.

  • kim
    kim on


    First I must say that I don't usually do this.
    I am a huge movie buff and an amateur script writer (not a very good one…) but I've always believed that an actor's privacy is sacred.
    We should just enjoy their work and leave it at that.

    However in this case, I had to say something.

    I originally started watching Tru Blood because I am a big fan of Anna Paquin ever since her role in "fly away home". I also knew you would be in it and let's face it, you're gorgeous, we all know that.

    Anyways, I also read the books and was curious to see how the series would be done. I have to say I was presently surprised! The actors, writers and director did an amazing job!

    The character of Eric has always been my favorite character. Not because of the Sexiness (which is definitely there!), but rather the different sides of himself that are shown in the book.
    I am so happy that you were chosen for this role, because you portrayed it wonderfully!

    The thing I love to see the most when watching an actor/actress, is how they can show different sides of themselves in a role. The way Eric can be "tough" when he is with vampires, and so gentle with Godric and Sookie, is amazing. The scene when Godric dies was incredibly moving; you played that role with more emotion that most "humans" show in real life!
    I am not the sentimental type for movies and stories, but that scene was one of the most moving I have seen so far (it actually reminded me of a passage in the book 'pride and prejudice' oddly enough…). You were able to show the bond between the two characters with barely any words.

    On another note, I just want to add that I am a huge fan of your country. I’ve been researching Scandinavian myths and legends and have been looking for classes to learn Swedish. I watched a Swedish movie once and was captivated by the language!
    But I’m not finding much luck… it seems it’s not a common request in Quebec.

    Anyways, I just wanted to express my congratulations for a beautifully played role.
    I don't know if you actually have time to read all these comments, and I definitely don't expect a response (though it would be nice :)).
    I also don't want to take up too much of your time.

    Once again, congrats on an amazing performance; and I will look forward to seeing more of your work!

    Stellan is also one of my favorite actors. He always shows great presence in his roles (like in Pirates of the Caribbean and the Glass house).
    I guess it runs in the family!

    All the best!

    kpednault@hotmail.com (just in case! :))

  • marycat21
    marycat21 on

    I am fascinated with your voice. You speak English with a perfect American accent. Your father has a german accent to his english. Where did you learn English? Where did you pick up the American accent? Do you have to work at keeping the American sound or is it natural to you now. I have heard you slip to a Swedish accent in older interviews. And of course you are the sexiest thing around. You are cute an all, but it's the attitude that you project- the assurance and confidence, that's what sexy is all about.

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Q: Hi, Alexander. This is Jenny from Sacramento, California. You play the role of Eric in a very understated way. Why is that? And what's the one thing that people don't understand about your character? -Jenny, Sacramento, California - Uinterview User

All right, Jenny, I play the role of Eric kind of low key because he's very confident and he doesn't have to be loud. Loudness is just loudness; it's not power. And he knows what he wants and how to get it, so he doesn't have to raise his voice. That's why he's very focused, plus I believe in that kind of acting in general. I think that too much in gestures and too much loudness would just dilute the part the way water does to good wine. And one thing, sometimes people want Eric to be the bad guy, like "Oh, so you're the evil vampire," and I don't think so -- I don't think that's the case. I think it's more complicated than that. In general I don't believe in good versus evil. I think people are more complicated than that.

Q: My second question is, you play a 1000-year old vampire in the series. Have you thought about what experiences that the vampire has gone through to bring him to this point in the series? - Jenny, Sacramento, California - Uinterview User

So, yeah, Jenny. Eric was born 1000 years ago in Sweden. He was a Viking back then and obviously when I was doing research, there's a lot to play around with, and it's kind of fun as an actor. There's a lot of opportunities; he's been around for a millennium, so first we were kind of talking about him having a strong Scandinavian accent, but I didn't wanna go that way because I believe that since he's been around for so long he probably speaks 15 to 20 languages fluently. So he's a bit of an entrepreneur; he's been around the world and I believe that he's been in Louisiana for quite awhile, running different sorts of operations and businesses. But he definitely has lots of experience.

Q: My last question is, creator Alan Ball is famous for 'Six Feet Under.' What is it like to work with him? Is there any advice that he's given to you about the role you play in the show? - Jenny, Sacramento, California - Uinterview User

Well, Jenny, Alan is an amazing human being. He's very creative and super intelligent. And one thing that's great about this project and working on this project is that he's so dedicated; he loves it so much. And you would think that that's always the case when you work with people, but it really isn't. Sometimes people are in the business for other reasons or work on specific projects for other reasons, but Alan loves this project so much and all the characters, so he's so devoted and very hands-on. He's always around on set or not far away, so you can always talk to him and ask him about stuff. It's been a fun first season.

Q: Hey Alex. This is Micah from Boston. The vampires on the show look very real. Do you share any common character traits with them? - Micah, Boston - Uinterview User

Yeah, Micah, I think I do. I believe that I'm always myself, in a way, when I act and I believe that you have to -- it has to be born inside of you as an actor and I think that you, as a human being, you have all the elements of different characteristics, good and bad. So it's just a question of finding those and playing them, tuning them and also finding a level of what kind of circumstances you play and what your objectives are -- that's what's different about it. So, yeah, my answer's yeah, I basically play myself on the show. There are certain things that are easy that I don't have to dig hard to find in myself, like he's very stubborn, Eric, and I'm quite stubborn as well. Then there are the things you have to search harder to find, but I could never play anything that I can't find within myself.

Q: My second question is, there's a lot of sex and violence on the show, and I was wondering what your feelings are regarding this and have there been any scenes where you've been hesitant in filming? And, finally, have there been any scenes that made you pause for a moment? - Uinterview User

No, Micah, I did not hesitate at all. I'm Scandinavian, damn it. We love to be naked! Actually, it was kind of liberating because I've done movies before where people come with contracts -- 20 pages of 'if you show this nipple from this angle, but not that one' and 'two seconds of this.' I did not grow up in that kind of movie climate and it's quite different in Sweden. I don't mind it all. Nudity is great!

Q: My last question is, what's the atmosphere like on the set? And what's the strangest thing that's happened to you during shooting? - Micah, Boston - Uinterview User

Yeah, Micah, it's been fun. We're having a lot of fun working on True Blood. The cast is great. Lots of night shoots; it feels like summer camp sometimes. It's a good group of people. Some weird moments — the first time we used fangs was quite difficult because you're obviously supposed to be very, like, when you show your fangs it's supposed to be pretty menacing at that point. But it's hard because you can't really speak with those. It takes some time to practice that. So you don't really sound cool when you put them in. You sound like, 'I'm gonna thkill you.' My favorite scene was probably when we shot the tribunal because it felt like I was in a Michael Jackson video or something and that was fun.

Q: Hi Alexander. This is Shalah from New Haven, Connecticut. With the success of 'True Blood' and 'Twilight' coming out, there seems to be a new fascination with vampires. Why do you think people are so obsessed with them? And do you have a favorite vampire portrayal? - Shalah, New Haven, Conn. - Uinterview User

All right, Shalah, I think the reason that it's happening right now might be because over the last decade there's been tons of zombie movies out there, and maybe people are ready for something more sophisticated. And also I think it has to do with, you know, people are fascinated by immortality, and danger is attraction -- fatal attraction. And I think those are topics that scare people but also attract them.

Q: My last question is, you've been voted Sweden's Sexiest Man many times. What's the experience like? Is it like being voted People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive? Do you find that you sometimes get typecast because of that? - Shalah, New Haven, Conn. - Uinterview User

Yeah, Shalah, I guess it's kinda like People's Magazine and that kinda thing. And yeah it's kind of complicated because of course it's flattering, but the downside is, when the first time it happened suddenly I got all these scripts where you just play the hunk, the good looking guy, the love interest. And I wanted to -- it's important for me not to be typecast or to end up playing the same character over and over again. That was a bit of a problem a couple of years ago in Sweden, or 7 or 8 years ago I would say. But I made sure that I turned those jobs down and found projects that were more character driven I guess, to show that I could play other things than just like the love interest or something like that.