British singer Alex Hepburn performed a surprise set at the LIFE Summit held at the Hotel Du Cap-Farret in Atibes, France, in the lead up to the Cannes Film Festival. Hepburn spoke exclusively to Uinterview about her hit “Under” (#2 in France) and her plans for touring the U.K. and U.S. “Unfortunately I can’t clone myself and be in every country,” she told uInterview in an exclusive interview.

The British singer songwriter first made her debut with the release of her EP in June of 2012. Hepburn first gained recognition and more followers when joining the American singer and heartthrob, Bruno Mars on his European tour in 2011. Mixing blues, soul and rock in her songs, along with her soul belting and raw voice, Hepburn was soon able to make a name for herself and released her first album Together Alone, last month with her tragic love song, ‘Under,’ based on a real life breakup. “I felt like my world was crumbling and I literally felt like he was burying me in the song,” she told uInterview speaking about ‘Under.’

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Q: What is the meaning of the lyrics to your song ‘Under’? - Uinterview

I had a very important relationship and he was the first love of my life, and I kind of had almost like a dependency on him because he was much more than just a love. He was my best friend and actually my manager at the time and so much more than just a man in my life, and so when he left me I felt like my world was crumbling and I literally felt like he was burying me in the song, and the song is called ‘Under’ and it’s about how I actually felt at the time. I really felt that bad. That’s me basically under, from the ashes of pain basically. But it’s a very honest song.

Q: What are your plans for the year? - Uinterview

Well, my album is coming out in Europe and I guess the next thing is we're doing U.K., then the U.S, I would imagine, early next year I think because unfortunately I can'€™t clone myself and be in every country because I wish I could. You would find me here and in Germany, but it'€™s very difficult to be able to do it all at once. So hopefully, eventually the States, it'€™s one of my favorite places anyway so I can'€™t wait.