Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo take questions for users of Uinterview on their film The Brothers Bloom.


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Q: How would you describe the relationship between the two brothers in The Brothers Bloom? - Monica Davies

Adrien: It's a complex relationship - which is probably like most relationships between brothers. Our characters are orphans. At a very early age, we discovered early in life that by living a life of-
Mark: Crime.
Adrien: Crime! Becoming con men, we could have the upper hand.
Mark: And have the things we wanted.
Adrien: Exactly. This creates a tremendous bond because it's us against the world. But my character wants to find his own want and his own voice because Steven my older brother-
Mark: Has been speaking for him for most of his life.
Adrien: For most of my life. [laughs]

Q: I'm wondering for the role where you play con men: how did you prepare for these roles - did you have to read up on any con men? - Anne Marie, Queens, New York - Uinterview User

Mark: [both laugh] No. It actually comes quite naturally.
Adrien: It's not like having to learn how to play classical piano. I grew up in New York so you get that through osmosis.
Mark: There are con men all throughout the movie industry. I know a jewel thief and he is a con man and he is larger than life. He's got a joie de vivre that is greater than anyone I know. I drew from him extensively for the role - him and Marcelo Mastroianni.

Q: How was it like working with Rachel Weisz? - KimberlyOwens

Adrien: She's an incredibly gifted actor and she really owned the role. She plays a character that is so full of light and life and enthusiasm and I'm basically watching her in her transformation and she's the antithesis of my character so she was incredibly inspirational to watch so it was fun to work with her. Mark: She's great. Our big scene together is her and I on the Charles bridge talking about my one and only love who I fell in love with in Prague. Bang Bang tosses her some sunglasses and they go flying right over her shoulder and that was total accident but then we ended up keeping that in the film. Adrien: Oh really? That was great. Mark: Yeah she was supposed to catch them and then they went right over her shoulder.