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Abbi Jacobson recently gushed to uInterview about Hillary Clinton’s cameo on the hit Comedy Central show, Broad City. Loosely based on co-creators Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s friendship and early goals of “making it,” the Amy Poehler executive-produced comedy focuses on the contrast between fictional Ilana’s avoidance of a really job, and Abbi’s dream to become an illustrator. Clinton gets sucked into the madness when Ilana volunteers to work for her campaign.


Jacobson described the experience of having the presidential nominee cameo as “surreal,” mentioning that the show has be unusually lucky with getting high profile actors and public figures to appear in episodes. “People that, you know, if you asked us even five years ago or longer than that if we would be getting to work with these people, we would never think that would be a reality,” she said. “But [to have] Hillary Clinton come on the show, that’s just a whole different world. We kind of couldn’t believe that she said yes.”

So what was it like having the former Secretary of State as a scene partner? Jacobson revealed it to be an overwhelmingly positive experience. “It was such a pleasure, it was such a treat for our whole crew,” she revealed. “She [Clinton] was so much fun. You know, the scene she is in, we are like freaking out in the show as they characters, but it was pretty easy for us to do that.” Jacobson said that Clinton was good sport about the whole process.”She’s like laughing at us, in the scene, but also in real life because it was such a ridiculous scene.”

While Jacobson said in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that Clinton’s appearance on Broad City was not a political statement, she didn’t shy away from wishing the presidential candidate improved campaign success after her cameo. “I hope it was [coming on the show] good for her campaign as well.”

Broad City was recently renewed for a fourth and fifth season. Jacobson’s new book, Carry This Book, is on sale now.

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