Abbi Jacobson, one of the comedic geniuses behind Comedy Central’s Broad City, has put her illustration skills and humor together to create Carry This Book, an illustrated exploration of the world through the things we carry. Jacobson recently sat down with uInterview to talk about the process of researching some of the more famous bags in the book.


Carry This Book explores which objects celebrities, politicians, and fictional characters might be carrying in their bags, from Oprah‘s purse to Bernie Madoff’s suitcase. Jacobson confessed that she has always been fascinated by what people decide they need to bring with them everyday. “It’s very voyeuristic, and it’s such a private space that I just thought it would be so interesting to do a little fan fiction about these famous people,” she said. “And it would be fun to include some research, actual facts about some of these people in there, in their bags, and then I got to let my imagination run wild.”

Somewhat factual, highly imaginative, Jacobson said that through writing Carry This Book, she was able to poke fun at some of the more famous characters whose hypothetical items she features. ” I sort of picked stuff that I thought was interesting, whether it was items I really wanted to draw or something about them that I really wanted to comment on,” she revealed. “So, Anna Wintour‘s, one of them is a September issue sort of workbook of hers, and it was so fun to come up with all of these different fashion trends that she was going to potentially include in the September issue.”

Jacobson did not shy away from current political figures in the book (Hillary Clinton also had a cameo recently on Broad City), and took aim at one infamous presidential candidates’ bag: Donald Trump. “Trump’s was very fun, and Trump’s was one of the first ones I drew,” she said. “I included a lot of self-tanning lotions. I don’t know which one he uses.” Self-tanner aside, Jacobson alluded to a larger commentary on Trump’s behavior “It was really fun to get to comment on all this stuff that he’s said and done.”

Carry This Book is available now.

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