Patricia Krentcil, also known as "Tan Mom," released a rap album earlier this year which met with scorn from music critics. Now, Tan Mom is fighting back in a new U Rant in which she takes on the nay-sayer. “Well first of all I’m not a rapper, but I love rap, it's great, it's so hip, it's wild you can go crazy with it," Tan Mom told Uinterview exclusively. "To my critics that judge me, I just think that people are too judgmental and like my first song was a spoof and we’re coming out with a new song and its gonna be great. The last one was about how this whole nightmare began — which I won. And now we’re doing another song and it’s gonna be just about, you know the new me and we’re gonna rap in it. To the new critics out there, the new Tan Mom, the sober healthy one — I’ll be rapping for ya, all over the world.”

She also has a few choice words for her critcs. “And to everyone out there that has criticism get off the couch," Tan Mom says. "And start rapping, and workout while you rap 'cause I have no clue, that’s where it’s at! So… go on get off this tune 'cause I suck, and I don’t know what I’m saying so… get off!”

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