If you’re one of the many who fear the rumored deportation of Justin Bieber from the United States, fear not. Toby Sheldon, the 33-year-old Justin Bieber doppleganger, might help you get over it. With an incredible $130k spent on approximately 100 plastic surgeries (and more down the line), Sheldon hopes to become a carbon copy of Justin Beiber, hair and all. Now, in an exclusive video interview with uInterview, he reveals exactly what he’s gone through and what his girlfriend and family think about his transformation.

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Q: How many plastic surgeries have you had? - Uinterview

Surgery-wise, I had six hair transplants in total. I’ve had an upper eye lift, a jaw reduction, a chin reduction, an upper lip lift, a quarter lip lift, and a lower lip lift. I’ve had liposuction around the abdomen, the sides, the flanks, as well as the chin. And, of course, I had various laser procedures. In surgeries, I would say I had a total of maybe 16 or 17. If you were to count injectables, I would say more than a hundred. I get a lot of Aquamid done, which is really a novelty kind of filler that isn’t wildly available yet. It’s much safer than silicon used to restructure the face and get a more youthful look. I’m planning some more surgeries in the future.

Q: How much have you spent to look like Justin Bieber? - Uinterview

The amount has increased since all of this broke out last year. I’ve done a lot of Aquamid syringes, like about $15,000 per syringe, so I would say I spent about $130,000.

Q: How do you finance the operations? - Uinterview

Well, I’ve been a songwriter for maybe ten or 12 years now. I’ve never really indulged in all the luxuries that my friends did. For example, some of my friends buy huge houses on the [Hollywood] Hills. One of my friends brought a Porsche for like, $140,000. I mean, I drive a Toyota and I have a regular house so I never really spent too much money on those kind of things, so I had savings to finance all of this. That’s where all the money goes, that’s my hobby.

Q: What is '€œsmile surgery?' - Uinterview

What they do is not very common, and I honestly wouldn€™t recommend any doctor but the one I went to because I’ve gotten a lot of messages on plastic survey boards and Facebook from people that tried to have that done with someone else and got really messed up. It’s really terrible. Basically what my doctor does is he cuts under the nose and removes part of the upper lip that gives me more of that “youthful” look. Young people don’t have a long upper lip where you can’t really see the upper teeth. He takes the muscle, folds it, and attaches it to the nose bone to basically get the upper teeth to show. He also cuts the corner of the mouth and fits them to get that permanent smirk that young people have. Then he lifts the lower lip up, and does something to the muscle so that the bottom teeth are kind of obscure, because with younger people you don’t really see the bottom teeth at all.

Q: Do you regret choosing to look like Justin Bieber? - Uinterview

[laughs] No, I definitely don’t regret it because he still looks good, even if he gets into trouble, he’s still handsome. I mean, I don’t really care, it’s his personal life. I think that he gets a little bit overhyped. He’s famous and every little thing he does gets scrutinized and he’s all over the media. It’s not like he’s killed anybody. There are people who’ve done worse things, and they don’t get haunted by the press as much as he does, so I really don’t have a problem with the things he’s done, I think they’re harmless.

Q: Who looks better, you or Justin? - Uinterview

Well, of course, I still think he looks better! I know that I’m not his exact look alike yet. Of course, I’m doing what’s humanly possible and there’s only so much you can do. But my surgeon suggested a forehead reduction, an eyebrow lowering, a nose job, and maybe another shaving down of the jaw to look even more like him, so I’ll consider that in the future.

Q: Are the surgeries painful? - Uinterview

Surprisingly, no. For most of it, you’re basically numb and they cut so deep [where] all the nerves aren’t, so you don’t feel much. If you do, they hook you up with some pain killers. After the smile surgery, I was basically out for a while and I would just take painkillers. I would say the smile surgery was the hardest, not because of pain, but because you can’t really smile for about a month. The muscle attached to the nose could come loose, and of course you don’t want to mess it up. If someone made a joke, I couldn’t smile at all, so that was the hardest thing. Other than that, like when they cut the bone in the chin, I was numb. With the hair, it’s like you sleep in a ring of staples almost. When they make a cut in the back and when you sleep it’s kind of weird. You can’t touch it and you can’t wash it for like two weeks. It’s inconvenient, but pain wise, it’s not bad.

Q: What does your girlfriend say about the transformation? - Uinterview

Yeah, well my girlfriend was against it at the beginning. I kind of persuaded her to let me get some things done. When I came home from the smile surgery and the liposuction, I really looked like I'€™ve been in a bad car accident. My face was all swollen, and I was bandaged up like crazy and she said, 'That'€™s it, don'€™t do anything more.' Of course, I still wanted to do more with my eyes, so I told her my family lives in Germany, and I was going to visit them for two weeks. I booked a hotel in Beverly Hills, and just stayed there for the two weeks after I did the surgery and didn'€™t tell her. Of course, when I came back she saw a little red line by the eye, and she said, 'Oh my god, did you get something done?!' And I said no. She said, 'Show me your passport, show me you went to Germany!” Shit, busted! So she got mad and everything. But we worked it out and now it'€™s kind of a compromise. I tell her I'€™m going to do this and that, and she tells me, “What if you look like Michael Jackson?” But I tell her, “I’m going to the best in the world, just trust me on this, you're gonna like it.” Now she likes my looks and she'€™s really happy, she thinks I look younger and better. All my friends too, I'€™ve only gotten compliments so far. And even before the news broke, people didn'€™t even know I had anything done and they would compliment me on my looks. It was definitely worth it.

Q: Is your family originally from Germany? - Uinterview

Yes, I’m from Germany. I was born and raised in Germany, and I started my songwriting over there, I did ghost writing for ... and Dance Club X. My family doesn't even know [about the surgeries]. Only my girlfriend and her friends and her family know, but my family in Germany has no clue. I want to go there in person at one point and face them, but I don'€™t want to tell them on the phone. They'€™re really old fashioned. They live in this little, small town with no internet and they barely read the newspaper. They'€™re really, really old fashioned. So I don'€™t want to call them and say, '€œHey! By the way, now I look different!” The last time I was their was in 2012, it was a couple of months before I really started all this, so I have to go back and face them this at some point.