Tika Sumpter dished to Uinterview on working with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in the hit comedy Ride Along, and even reminisced about her days on Gossip Girl.

Sumpter, a native New Yorker, got her start playing Layla Williamson on One Life to Live before getting a breakout role as Raina Thorpe on Gossip Girl’s fourth season. Currently, she stars in Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots.

Sumpter described her co-star Kevin Hart as “a machine gun when it comes to jokes,” and told uInterview that she spent most of her time on set laughing. In fact, Sumpter said that working on Ride Along was even more fun than one would imagine.

“It didn’t even feel like work,” Sumpter admitted, adding, “between, you know, laughing and watching those two and learning, I had a blast!”

Ride Along is now available on DVD.

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Q: What was it like working with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube? The movie looked so much fun, I was crying the whole time. - Uinterview

[Laughs] It was exactly that, it was a lot of fun! It didn't even feel like work, and I'm grateful I have a job I go to every morning and felt like, 'Oh my goodness! All I am doing is laughing!' So between, you know, laughing and watching those two and learning I had a blast!

Q: In your opinion, what was the best scene in the movie? - MaximKanciruk

There are so many good classic scenes that I feel like one of my favorite scenes is the supermarket scene where Kevin is really trying hard to take control of the guy who is out of control in the supermarket. And also when he calls me and is kinda sad and feels defeated and then I help him out. And there's one more where he throws me when Ice Cube is in the house, when we think there is a robber in the house.

Q: Do you have any brothers or family members that try to protect you like what happens to you in the movie? - Uinterview

I'm more of a Kevin Hart character in real life. I'm the middle sister and I had to approve of my sister's husband, you know my other sister's boyfriend. I need to meet him before it gets more serious. I'm the one that everyone is afraid to introduce me to, so it definitely, I'm the Kevin Hart character.

Q: Did Kevin or Ice Cube play any pranks on you, during the filming? - Uinterview

You know it was not really a prank, it was more of like joking around a lot. Like Kevin making fun and teasing. It's more that, not so much as putting plastic over a toilet seat or something like that. It's more constant banter and teasing and all that stuff. There's so much going on that he is like a machine gun, when it comes to jokes. He just keeps going, so there was not one specific point. It was just constant banter, teasing. It was all love, though.

Q: What was the most surprising thing you found out about Kevin Hart and/or Ice Cube, during the filming? - Uinterview

You know, Cube I found out, he is a Gemini, like me. He's kinda quiet, so that was really surprising. Until he gets to know you, but he's got a very quietness about him. Kevin, I didn't know how quick he was, but I guess you don't see it until you're there. He's super fast, but he's also got this very sweet soft side to sharing life stories and stuff like that and advice, and he's always like, you know, 'Tika you don't have a boyfriend, yet right?' 'Ok, be careful, you know!' So he's kinda protective in that way.

Q: Now you were on Gossip Girl, What did you think of the ending? - Uinterview

The end? Is it bad to say I didn't watch the ending? Who was it? Penn [Badgley]? That is very interesting! I didn't see it. I probably should see it, but you know since [Raina] was somewhere in Chicago trying to get her life together, I kinda got out of the whole thing.