Theo Rossi stars as Juice on FX's hit motorcycle club drama Sons of Anarchy. Juice is known for his trademark extensive head tattoos and mohawk, an idea dreamed up by show creator and head writer Kurt Sutter. "Kurt came up with the idea to have these tribal tattoos of some sort and the mohawk, which eventually turned into what they now call the 'Juicehawk,' " Rossi told Uinterview exclusively, answering fan questions. "I cut it myself, and every year it kind of morphs into a different shape."

Sons of Anarchy's sixth season finds Juice striving to get back in the good graces of group members after providing the Feds with insider information. "He is definitely trying to redeem himself. I think he's trying to find his place again, and I think the big question is, 'Will he ever be able to?' "

And will he ever find a mate? Not to worry, insists Rossi. "You got to keep watching! I tweeted recently that there will be naked Juice," he said. "And I got to tell you, there will be naked Juice!"

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m., on FX.


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Q: Is there anything new you learned about yourself playing the role of Juice in S.O.A? - JessicaHaileyPutman

Everything. Who I am now and who I was in 2008 is two completely different human beings. That's all because of the experience of the show and how much it's changed my life, mainly because I've gotten to explore so many different sides of myself. I'm really lucky with this character, and this year is no exception. Things are about to start getting really crazy for Juice. I learned a ton about myself because I got to explore all different sides of a human being and really being a character for six years, and I've never done that. It was really interesting.

Q: Any big plans for after Sons of Anarchy is over? - rcf425

Q: Is there a show on t.v. now that you'd like to see SOA do a cross over with? - KristinaWilso32

Q: As badass as Juice's story line is, and I'm sure it's a total blast to play him, if you could play any other character on Sons of Anarchy who would it be and why? - KatieLynnBeneteau

Everyone's written so well. I guess I'd like to know what's jumping around in Jax's head. I would probably play Jax just for literally a second because I wouldn't want to be in that mind space for too long.

Q: Hi My name is Ariel (Also from NYC) Wondering what Ethnicity are you Theo? Its been killing me for awhile. -Also How tall are you? -What do you see yourself working on in the future. (Besides SoA) - arielfonseca96

Q: I would like to know if everyone already knew how to ride or did anyone have to learn for the show? - MartaCharles

I think a lot of people learned. The only two, besides D.L. [David LaBrava], who plays Happy, who's been riding his whole life, Bobby Elvis [Mark Boone Junior] and Tigg [Kim Coates] have ridden since they were young. Someone like me, I had my license, but I wasn't actively riding. I had to get back on the horse and do that whole thing and same with Charlie [Hunnam], who plays Jax. And now, everyone of us has a minimum of two bikes, and we all ride every day to work, every day for the last six years.

Q: Do you have any roles prepared for when you finish taping this season of SoA? - ztrellitaas

Q: This season is already starting out with a lot of death and backstabbing. What can we expect to happen with SAMCRO and the Kings? Will it be the war it looks like it will be? Or are there surprises in store? - JessicaHall

Q: Since Your name is juice in the show have any fans tried giving you juice when they see you? - StaceyMarieSanchez

Q: Hey brotha, I just wanted to ask if your character will be having any huge climax this season? - NateHinton

Q: If you could switch characters with anyone on the show..who would you switch with and why? - Spring

Q: do you think your character will have a happy ending? - SophieWoods

Q: How many times have you thought that Juice would be killed off in the show? - JamesSmall

The reason Kurt [Sutter] is one of the best showrunners in the business, if not the best, is that he will meet with actors prior to the season and let them know kind of what the deal is for the year. For example, in Season Four, when I knew that I was hanging myself, giving information to the cops and all that, I knew all that going in because if I was getting those scripts, reading that I was hanging, I'd think, 'Oh my god, what is happening here?' He kind of lets you know, not so much when you're reading the scripts, you would know before the season.

Q: Will anyone else from the club die this season - ReginaMcClung

Q: What do you and the cast think the first time you read a script that Kurt Sutter has written besides the obvious, 'Whew, I made it another week? There must be times when you guys are speechless. - mrsozzie

Recently, each script reads like a finale. Usually the first thing is, 'Wow, are we really doing that?' That's usually the first reaction: 'Wow, ok! Wow this is a huge episode!' They're all huge episodes now, so I think it's always, 'Holy crap' the second we turn that last page. Every week we get more and more excited.

Q: Will Juice ever be able to redeem himself, or is the fact that he killed a brother and turned informant just too much to overcome? - AnnRyan

Q: How do you think Juice has evolved over the last 6 seasons? In the beginning, he was just this goofy, lovable kind of guy, now he seems to have grown into a cold killer. Your thoughts? - SandyGaston

Q: What is the best part about playing a badass biker on Sons of Anarchy? - Pris

Q: Given how far each character has come as of this season, if you weren't playing Juice and had the opportunity to play any other character past or present, which character would you choose and why? - ErinBishop

Q: With the end of this amazing series in the fairly near future, thinking end game, what would be your ideal finale? Will the club survive? - CrystalGBrooks

Q: Theo aka Juicey: as Juicey On SOA you act so timid and shy.. I was wondering, why is it that you don't let that up-beat disposition out and let your freak flag fly... I have seen you with one girl throughout the 5 plus seasons Ive watched... is that you need me to come on the show and show you how its done?? :-) - SamanthaWalker

Q: Will you marry me Juicy???? - LindseyLinnyGranger

Q: Will you be staying with the Sons, or going Nomad? I hope your staying! Things really wouldn't be the same without you! Mwah, xoxoxo. ;) - BobbilynnBriggs

Q: Do you think Juice is trying to redeem himself by what he has done in the last few weeks for Jax? Will he follow Jax in the new direction? - TyeArellano

He is definitely trying to redeem himself. I think he's just waiting on his orders and while waiting, he's also trying to do his own thing. I think this week coming up, we'll start to see the beginnings of that. I think he's trying to find his place again and I think the big question is, 'Will he ever be able to?' And, 'What kind of things occur, positive and negative, in trying to find his place?'

Q: When Sons Of Anarchy eventually comes to an end, what are your plans for the future? Will it be hard to let go of the biker lifestyle? - PostIdol

Q: What has been your favorite moment being on Sons of Anarchy? - BritanyLaGasse

Q: You are not going yo be killed off - KristineBennett

Q: Do you have similar traits to your character juicy? - AngelicaGaona

Q: How do you see your character rising through the ranks of SOA, and are there any similarities to yourself in real life? - LoriAbramson

Q: I have a two part question. Theo, moving forward from last nights explosive episode how would you suggest fans prepare for what Kurt Sutter has planned for the remainder of the season? Also, how much of Juice do you see in yourself and what, if anything, can you tell us to expect from him in the future? XOXO - AgnesGallant

Q: I know that the tattoos on your head in SOA aren't real, but how many real tattoos do you have and would you ever consider getting real tribal tattoos on your head? - summertime920

[Laughs]. Let's start with the last question first. Absolutely not, I would never get tattoos on my head. I think it would kind of limit me to being Bad Guy Number Three in some kind of prison show that's coming out. I think that I have one, two, three... maybe eight now? Eight? The first one I ever got when I was 16 is on my leg, and I then I have one under my chest. To be honest, I think that after the show ends — because we have to keep things the same, because sometimes the season starts the same day as the last season ended — I think that I might actually get rid of them all. I might. There's new technology now that makes it a lot easier than it used to be. If not, I'm thinking about going the opposite way and doing the side of my arms because all of my tattoos are hidden. They're kind of inside, none are on the outside of my arms, none are on the outside of my legs. They're kind of hidden on the inside of my wrist. If I'm going to do a new one it would be covering the bulk insides of my arms and into my chest, on both side, kind of parallel to each other.

Q: Do you ride a motorcycle in real life? If so, what kind? If not, what kind of motorcycle would you like to have? - summertime920

Q: Theo............. Im probably one of your biggest fans mainley because you are BY far the sexiest characters on SOA and in person... I was wanting to know when we are going on our date.. Samantha J. Walker 24 of Fort Dodge IA - SamanthaWalker

Q: Prior to your role on SOA. Did you ever ride or own a motorcycle before getting the role? If so, what type did you own? If not, how was it learning to ride and will you continue to ride even after SOA is no longer being filmed? - GregBaldwin

Q: How it is to be a biker in a tv show and wold you like to be a real biker in the real live. Peace from your biggest fan from Kosovo Europe :D - BesimDaftallari

Q: I know your boxing coach Ricky Quiles...has boxing been a dream of yours or do you just do it to stay fit & looking oh so good for SOA? Thanks Mary Cantu - MaryPotter

Q: How did you get into acting? and what are your biggest goals for the next 5 years? in acting or real life - NicholeLeo

Q: What was it like to wear the diaper and the sign? - SheilaGarde

You have to understand that that was the third episode of the first season of the entire series, so we were all getting to know each other. We didn't really know if the show would be a hit or not. We didn't know what was going on. We were just filming this TV show, and here I am in downtown Los Angeles, walking around with this diaper on and a mohawk and tattoos on my head. And I remember clearly two or three bystanders watching like, 'What's going on here?' Nobody knew what the show was. The show hadn't aired yet. Now when we shoot, there're hundreds of people watching if we're out on location. But then, these people were looking, they didn't know what we were shooting. They didn't know who I was. I just remember thinking, 'This is a very interesting thing we have going on here.'

Q: Theo would really like to know if Clay will come back as the head of the table and create a better club? Christina from Norristown - ChristinaMKantner

Q: If u could play a part of any other character on the show who would you play & why? - elizabethhamptonphillips

Q: It seems like Jax is always getting some "action." However, we never see Juice getting any! Does that make you jealous or do you prefer it that way? - AshleyNovak

[Laughs] You got to keep watching. I tweeted recently that there will be naked Juice. And I got to tell you, there will be naked Juice!

Q: Can you give us any hints as to whether or not Juice will make it to the final season? - JellyBeans

Q: Did you choose that hairstyle and who cut your hair? - djsaint714

No. When we did the original pilot, I actually had a full head of hair. I didn't have any tattoos and I was much more, for lack of a better word, a computer geek, or a computer hacker-type guy, with a different character name and everything. But then we came back and re-shot the pilot, there were a few new actors, Ron Perlman had joined the cast, we made some changes. Kurt came up with the idea to have these tribal tattoos of some sort and the mohawk, which eventually turned into what they now call the 'Juicehawk.' I cut it myself, and every year it kind of morphs into a different shape. Like now, it's got this kind of point in the back and it's shorter and thinner and much more aerodynamic. Juice's hairstyle became like a car, like how in the 90s, they were larger and then they get sleeker. This is truly the 2013 Juicehawk he has going on.

Q: What is your initial reaction when you read a new script? Do you guys have insight on what is happening next or is it a surprise each time? - KellyJoHeggenstaller

Q: Juice is clearly exhausted this season, he seems to keep undertaking whatever is asked of him but something is missing. Do you think it's possible for Juice to find his love for the club again after everything that has happened or do you see him becoming more and more distant? - missrandom217

Q: What is your favorite thing about your character Juice? And least favorite? - AmySmith

My favorite thing about him is his innocence and how he just has this constant drive to make everything okay and his loyalty that comes with that. My least favorite part is... I don't really have one. I try not to ever dislike anything about a character that you're playing because, I think that, as a human being, you try not to dislike things about yourself. But for him, I think it would be more his gullibility. His innocence leads to his gullibility, of not really questioning a lot of things that people do to him.

Q: If the show could fast forward in time, what would Juice be up to in 15 years? - missrandom217

I'd like to say that he would running his colonic clinic and hanging out with a bunch of Crow Eaters, his herbal colonic clinic, sitting around smoking weed and enjoying life. Where would I like to see him? I'd like to see him renting WaveRunners in Turks and Caicos. That's what I'd like to see for him.

Q: If you could play any other character on the show, who would it be and why? - missrandom217

Q: I love you, Kim and charlie - AmandaApperley

Q: A Theo do you know if Kurtt has thought about doing a season or move so we can see the life of John Teller . It be cool to see that we've heard a lot about him and we like see young Otto in action. - ajayethompsonsr

Q: Are you happy with the direction that Juice's character is going in? If not how would you want it to be? - DeborahMysticWells

Q: Besides Sons of Anarchy, what movie or television show you are proud to play a role? - WalterFallas

Q: Hello Juicy, Juice, Super Fine SOA member. I see you in Eagle Rock walking your dog on and around Hill Drive and was wondering if you grew up in E.R. or moved there because of the filming that SOA does at the Italian Bakery, Cindy's and The York??? Hollie from South Pasadena - FREAKYFREAK

Q: How long do you plan on staying with the show? --mercedes - MercedesHouse

Q: What's your method to get into Juice's mindset? Is watching commercials of abused puppies one of those steps? - ptownsend5

[Laughs] That could be, I might try that this week. My method is, this might sound weird, extremely music-based. I have playlists for every kind of different mood. It always brings me in. I've been creating them over the last 10 years. I do a lot of prep work. I do a lot of homework on specific things, whether it be a movie about crystal meth addiction, or I'm doing a character who's innocence is being questioned. I do a lot of research in different areas throughout books, history and documentaries. Like I said, a lot of it's on the day, music-based. I'm a big OCD guy, I have massive OCD. Me and Juice have that in common.

Q: Is juicy ever going to find love? - NicoleTaylor

Q: Ok so I've seen u in a few rolls but this 2u love u in so my question is 4om playing all the different characters how was this roll 4u I mean when SOA started u were so cute & lovable kid then we gotta cu grow up then the suicide attempt omg this Ganna sound bad but I just wanted u more lol but I just want 2 know how was it working on this project - TiffaniFuston

Q: If you could be a different character on SOA, who would you be? - jayacosta123

Q: Now that the club house is burnt down what's gonna happen with the club? -Luis - luckycastillo2012

Q: is your tatto on your head real?? :o ILY x - kararainat10

Q: I am wondering what the story line is with juice is there only the three members of the m/c that know he is half? i know the sheriff knows. but what will they do with juice he is one of my favorites,. you never see any of the guys date outside the club either do they have lives like normal people too. i always wondered that opie, jax, clay, tig are really the only ones u see a outside life with - JenniferChiariHardacre

Q: Hi juicyy!! it's my birthday today so I thought for just this once I'd like to ask you a question:D! Your quite emotional in most series, how do you make yourself cry? And do you like your part in the show, or would you rather of had another part? (Huge fan from Wales may I add) hint: YOU SHOULD ALL FILM THERE!:))) - AmyJones

Q: After watching the recent episode of SOA I was shocked to see my favorite clubhouse get blown apart, I quite liked that clubhouse there are a lot of memories of samcro in that place, so basically the question I would like to ask is what is samcro going to do for a clubhouse ? and will it be bigger and better than before ? - LeighCullens

Q: Goes SOA kill the IRA in belfast gr nick ducaat from holland utrecht - NickNandoDucaat

Q: Theo, Was Juice following orders when he killed Darvonie? I have heard some people say he made that decision on his own. - HollyRobertsonRose

Q: With all the news focusing on Newtown Conn and with the school shootings how did you feel when it was put on the show - SindeReardon

Q: Why do you think Juice sometimes struggles with the outlaw/ MC lifestyle? - rcf425

Q: hi juicy i love your character ! my question is do you keep that haircut all year? i love it very sexy! - KellyPrieto

Q: Is Jax still gonna give Tig over to Pope's man for what Tig did to Pope's daughter. - ChandraRatliff