Scott MacIntyre is the first blind person ever to become an American Idol finalist. Now, after being voted off the show last week, he's taking questions for users of about Simon Cowell, the High-Five and why he doesn't wear sunglasses.


  • Tracy
    Tracy on

    I totally wanted to see Scott behind the wheel in a Ford commercial! They missed their chance because that WOULD have been awesome! So glad Scott made the decision against dark glasses…his eyes are amazing….stunningly beautiful and mysterious!

  • Tara
    Tara on

    Scott does have some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!! What a classy guy and a gift to this world!

  • Monica
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    I love Scott!!!!! I can’t wait for the CD!

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Q: Who did you bond with the most of the Idols? - Uinterview

I enjoyed dueling pianos with Matt in the depths of the mansion. Dueling it out on two pianos – I always won. He’s a great, fun guy. I love his personality and I’m going to miss him.

Q: Do you have a favorite to win? - Uinterview

I do not. All I can say is it’s not who think from week to week. A lot can change from one week to the next. I’m going to be watching along with everyone else.

Q: How did you think you did singing the “Search Is Over” on the night you were eliminated? - Uinterview

I was so excited to bring out the shredder and play the guitar in my final '80s power ballad performance. I wanted to go down in a blaze of glory – but I didn’t know I was going down at the time. If people go back and watch it, it was a good solid performance in a lot of ways. The judges could have given me more credit than they did but the chips fall where they do. I think I did everything I had to do to show the judges why I should be saved. It was a split decision right down the middle. Simon told me afterward it was a difficult decision for him. He told me he was conflicted about it as well and it had nothing to do with me. I don’t think they expected me to be on the bottom that week or the decision would have been a lot easier.

Q: Were you surprised by Simon’s reaction? - Uinterview

I was a little surprised by Simon’s reaction and the judges' reaction as a whole. I keep reminding myself that it is a TV show and they are competing with each other much like the contestants are competing with each other. I tried to not take what they said too hard – they are right a lot of the time, not always. I got to banter back and forth with the judges. I was never afraid of them. I treated them like peers I respected who happened to have very strong opinions.

Q: How did you feel when Ryan Seacrest gave you the high five at the start of the season? - Uinterview

That was as big an event as the plane landing in the Hudson River for a few weeks. It sparked a lot of discussion. Ryan did the right thing – he missed and then he grabbed my hand and said, ‘Scott, I’m giving you a high five.’ I’m really glad they aired that because it was a good way to start off the whole discussion. I’m a hard person to offend and I would never be offended by something like that. People my whole life have tried to wave and give me fist pumps. It’s nice when people forget for a few seconds that I’m visually impaired.

Q: What was the most difficult moment throughout the competition for you? - Uinterview

It was the first audition for the judges. You are stepping into a room where seven years of musicians have laid their reputations on the line. Whatever they say to you in that room is going to be stuck with you for quite a while. Not having a piano or a microphone to hold on to makes it a very different kind of audition.

Q: How does being blind affected your music? - Uinterview

I’ve been almost completely blind since birth. It’s kind of like looking through a straw – tunnel vision. Really not much usable vision in life. It forced me in a good way to rely on sound a lot more. I pursued music, recording engineering – all those things that have to do with the auditory world. If I wasn’t visually impaired, I might be in a totally different profession. I played music first because I couldn’t play baseball. Music really became my sport. I would play music competitively and all the things you would normally do with a sport.

Q: What do you want to show the world about blind musicians? - Uinterview

It’s an interesting point in my life and in the music industry in a way. There hasn’t been a blind pop sensation since the likes of Stevie Wonder. Hopefully, I can bring something that hasn’t been seen for a while to the industry. Hopefully, I can break some paradigms. A lot of people have commented to me that I never wore dark glasses – what people would normally expect from a blind performer. I wanted to let people into my world and not shut them out. I was honestly waiting for the Ford people to put me behind the wheel! That would have been awesome!

Q: Did you ever consider wearing sunglasses like Stevie Wonder? - Uinterview

I made a conscious decision not to. People have told me I have beautiful eyes. A lot of people are unsure how to approach a visually impaired person.

Q: What’s next for you? - Uinterview

Beside the tour, I’m going to be putting out a CD. I lot of people don’t know that I’ve been writing music since I was 5 years old. It’s gotten a lot better over the years and I have a huge catalogue that’s ready to go. You’ll hear a lot music coming from me along the lines of Gavin DeGraw and John Mayer.