Michael Sarver was an oil rig worker from Texas until he catapulted to fame on American Idol's Season Eight. His soulful sounds earned him a spot in the Top 10, but then last week, Simon Cowell told him he would never win the competition – and Idol fans agreed. Now, Sarver is telling Uinterview users all about his Idol adventure.


  • Diana
    Diana on

    This interview just proves even further that Michael is a true gentleman. Someone I would like my grandsons (since my sons are older than he is) to look up to as a role model. In my opinion, Michael Sarver is THE American Idol.

  • Lori
    Lori on

    Michael, you are such a gentleman…..and you have so much talent. I can’t wait to hear your first CD!! Good luck and God Bless you and your family! Your journey has just started! I miss you on Idol, you are truly MY true american idol!

  • Nikki
    Nikki on

    I fell in love with you @ auditions and told my husband “now there’s a good southern boy…I bet he says m’am too” 🙂 I almost cried when you said how much your daughter missed you. I have a son who just turned 1 and I couldn’t imagine leaving him for that long. Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to each week and making me smile. Spend some time with your family and congratulate yourself on a fabulous job! I can’t wait for the CD! God bless you and yours!

  • barbara
    barbara on

    I liked your song you are a true gentleman.and keep that sweet smile on.
    we miss you!
    can’t wait for the CD

  • Jenna Clarke
    Jenna Clarke on

    Michael I really enjoyed watching you on Idol. I thought Simon Scowell’s comments were uncalled for and so very unnecessary. You looked like you were having a great time. I am happy for you. Jenna

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Q: Simon’s comments were pretty harsh about you on last Wednesday’s show. Were you surprised by his feedback? - Uinterview

Well, I don’t think anyone can be surprised by something that Simon says. We all know he can come with it. Whatever he thinks is what he thinks. But I will say I disagreed with some of it.

Q: On the results show, you had to sing for your life for the Judges' Save. How did that feel? - Uinterview

I didn’t feel like I was singing for my life, I didn’t think I was. It just felt like it was one more chance to sing in front of millions of people.

Q: The judges seemed to have a hard time with the decision. And then Simon axed you. What did you feel like at that moment? - Uinterview

Right after the song, I thought it was really cool that they considered me–that it might be possible. Kara said, ‘That was hot!’ I got a little respect back. But I did not believe I was going to be saved.

Q: What was the most difficult moment for you during the contest? - Uinterview

My daughter came to visit and asked me why I didn’t want to be with her any more. It made me have to look at the situation and make sure I was doing the right thing. I ultimately decided that an almost four-year-old girl doesn’t really understand and ultimately she would be able to appreciate what was going on.

Q: Do you think that non-pop music singers have a harder time on the show? - Uinterview

The truth is we can’t say that one person would have more of a rough time more than another person. You got Carrie Underwood with country and Taylor Hicks that came out of a more soulful kind of music. Real R&B from Ruben and Fantasia. I don’t think there’s an advantage or disadvantage to what you sing, it’s about how you sing–and what you come across like to the audience.

Q: Who was the contestant you were closest to and why? - Uinterview

I was closest to Danny Gokie. We have a lot in common. The number one thing is our faith and what we believe. We are Christians and proud of it. We had to hold each other up through the competition. We connected as friends, and I believe we will be life-long friends from now on. I made friends with all of them, but I would say that I’m closest to him.

Q: And which of the contestants did you have the least contact with and why? - Uinterview

No, the only singer I didn’t get along with was my own voice for not working when it was supposed to.

Q: Do you have a favorite to win? - Uinterview

I do not. I think Season Eight’s the best top 13 or 12, there’s ever been. It’s packed with unbelievable talent. I remember sitting back and listening to people sing and my chin would drop with what they would do with their voices. If I were a betting man, this is not something I would bet on. You can’t guess on this one.

Q: Were contestants jealous of the praise that Adam Lambert got from the judges? - Uinterview

I can honestly say no. This group of 13 are some class-act people. They are really focused on what they are supposed to do. I don’t think anyone ever felt that they were less than the next guy. I was never focused negatively on who was getting what comments. I will say this: You respect each other in the hits that you have – there’s a challenge to it. When you see someone really step up, you need to step up in your own ability.

Q: What are your plans for the future? - Uinterview

I’m leaving [L.A.] in 24 hours, and I’m making it a priority to spend time with my family. Then I’m going right over and record an album. I actually have my own studio. I have friends and I will be jumping in this thing and making the music career happen.

Q: What did your family say about Simon’s comments? - Uinterview

My family and friends all thought he was jerk. Everyone who loves you is going to defend you. I made it clear that I respect what he has to say. The truth of the matter is he has to say what he has to say. But that’s not necessarily what all of America thinks. It’s not all about one person’s opinion.