Megan Joy is the tattooed single mom who dared to tell Simon Cowell she "didn't care" what he thought on American Idol. Now, as she sets out on the Idol Summer Tour, Megan Joy is taking questions exclusively for users of


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  • Danielle(Dani)
    Danielle(Dani) on

    From the 1st time “I” seen Megan, I fell inlove with her voice. I’m a Big magnet to uniqueness. I love when your, your own self, and have so many different ODDS and ends about you; its fascinating when the world has someone so different, bringing their own “WOW” to it. That’s why she grew on my heart & reminded myself that I can do anything as well(being a single ma too). After Megan left, I didn’t even vote anymore, I was so disapointed in the judges decision. I knew that when Megan said she didn’t care, it didn’t meen she didn’t care about the show, cuz–why in the world would she be there right then, when she could be at home with her baby boy! I knew she just ment that, she wasn’t going to let the judges opinions stress her. +there were more votes in the world-NOT just 4 votes. Every Tuesday, I voted 5 times on my home phone, and 5 on my cell, and had my husband do his cell and work phone also. She was THE ONLY ONE I voted for, now that she is no longer w/ American Idol, I don’t think it is necessary to vote anymore. But, I KNOW 4 SURE that when her first album comes out I will get it 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike lutz
    mike lutz on

    I have really liked Simon for his honest over the years. My family and I watch Ai. My children are 14 thru 8. We were surprized at Simon coment to Megan. It was very childest my 8 year old comment was “daddy thatwas very niceto that girl” and my children agreed and I to lost soome respest for Simon. I did read the question and answer aboiutthem patching things up but I am about about Simons’agaeamd I know how thing whichare negative have a spinput on them to make them look like tey are all take cake of and ever thing is great.

  • Pat Evans
    Pat Evans on

    I really don’t wish to comment on Megan who was very good but I have finally found a place to comment on your show. It took me 4 weeks to stop being upset about you hiring Kara, she was so phony, yelling and screaming. You had a good thing going with Randy, Paula and Simon. IF IT’S NOT BROKE DON’T FIX IT. Kara is finally beginning to be herself but I still don’t care for her. Simon is truly a good judge of talent. I usually agree with most of the things he says. Seacrest should get off his back a little bit. He makes crude remarks and it makes things very uncomfortable, it isn’t cute.

  • Nicole
    Nicole on

    I agree, Megan is very cute but the tatoo is too much and as for her singing career she has no future in this area and becoming a top model she’s too short and her tatoo is ugly. She would never make it in this business. I’m glad she finally left I really didn’t like her not as a person but this girl cannot sing.

  • jade
    jade on

    i really love megan and her vioce. She’s really unique, and really pretty too. and i think she’s a very nice person and she’s fun

  • Sandra Smallwood
    Sandra Smallwood on

    Megan was GREAT and I loved her. I hated to see her voted off. But then there’s Adam…THAT BOY CAN SING!!!! Adam is the next American Idol for SURE!!

  • Ashley
    Ashley on

    Simon’s a great judge he knows what he’s saying! And MEGAN is awesome she can sing very well, it’s surprising why choir didn’t accept her. And yeah, can tell she didn’t really mean it when she said she didn’t care, SHE ROCKS 😀

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn on

    With a little polishing, Megan will go places. She is gorgeous and I think her quirky ways and unusual vocals make her unique. She doesn’t sound like every other person on the show. I will miss her.



    From your Saltlake audition til these days, I WILL LIKE YOU MORE!!!

    I really love the way you sing… you deserve to have the “JOY” on your name because you put JOY to your fans…

    Promise me that you will record an album ok? coz I miss seeing and hearing you singing and dancing like your “CORKREY MOVES”… hahaha


    God bless to you and to your son..

    HOPE YOU CAN HAVE A TOUR HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES.. I’ll make sure that you have tons of fans here..



  • Jenna Clarke
    Jenna Clarke on

    Megan, I so enjoyed your performances on Idol. The comments that Simon Scowell made to you and Michael Sarver were so unnecessary. I don’t know why he is so very negative. Likes to keep everyone on pins and needles I guess. Jenna

  • Emilea
    Emilea on

    Oh my dear…<33
    I’m always amazed that AI was her first experience on the stage! She definitely has a talent!

  • Hillary
    Hillary on

    go Megan!
    even though she didnt win, she’s my American Idol this season 🙂

  • ian
    ian on

    please when is the megan joy album i’m waiting for it?

  • Molly
    Molly on

    Great interview! I love this site!

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Q: What songs did you sing during Hollywood week? - Anthony

Q: What did you think when you finished performing Bob Marley’s “Turn the Lights Down Low” on last week's show? Did you think you’d done the best job you could do? - Uinterview

Absolutely. I was really proud of my performance.

Q: You had never been in the bottom three before. Were you surprised at how quick your fall was? - Uinterview

No, I wasn’t. I was prepared for it to happen sooner or later. I woke up that morning knowing that might be my night. I just had a feeling. I don’t know how I knew. I can’t explain it.

Q: Did you know you'd made a mistake when you said you "didn't care" what Simon thought? - Uinterview

I was very surprised. I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal.

Q: Were you stung when Simon returned the favor and said that the judges didn't "care” about you? - Uinterview

I really didn’t understand that it was such a big deal. I didn’t mean for it come across that I didn’t care about the show. I just didn’t care that Simon didn’t like that specific song.

Q: What was your interaction like with Simon after being eliminated? - Uinterview

He came up to me after the show and we talked. I love Simon. I have nothing but love and appreciation for him. I owe it to him–as far as I got in the competition.

Q: When you were performing the swan song what were you feeling then? - Uinterview

I was excited and happy and trying to make the best out of it. You can either cry about it or laugh about it – and I would rather laugh.

Q: What was the most difficult moment of the competition for you? - Uinterview

The day I was sick and the days surrounding it were some of the worst days I’ve ever experienced. I was miserable and so sad. But missing my son was horrible.

Q: Did you get to talk to him on the phone a lot? - Uinterview

I did. He’s not a big phone talker. He’s too busy for that.

Q: Did he get to visit you? - Uinterview

It’s allowed but it didn’t work out in our situation.

Q: Did you have a contestant who you most bonded with and why? - Uinterview

I am pretty close to all of them, but Alison was my roomie. So I felt extra close to her. She kinda reminds me of myself when I was her age. She’s hilarious and fun. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out.

Q: Was there anyone you didn’t get along with and why? - Uinterview

There actually wasn’t. Everyone was so nice and gets along so well.

Q: Tell us about your tattoos? When did you get them? Do they have any significance? - Uinterview

My sleeve is a castle and it has my fairy tale on stained glass on it. There’s me and my prince – and I don’t know who that is. There's my mom as a fairy godmother, my brother as a wizard and my son as a prince. It’s taken a year to get to this point and it’s still not done.

Q: Did it hurt? - Uinterview

Parts of it were really painful when it was being put on, but other parts were bearable.

Q: You’ve said you didn’t even get picked for the high school choir. Was high school hard for you? - Uinterview

It was really hard. I could never make it into anything and it really took a toll on my self-esteem.

Q: How did you get into singing? - Uinterview

My mom sings and I’ve grown up with music in my life always. My mom spends a lot of time in the car for her job, so we were just always singing.

Q: Do you think you were at a disadvantage by not having any professional training. - Uinterview

In some aspects yes. As far as stage presence and knowing how to hold a mike. Technical things. I think it also worked for me. My first time on stage was American Idol. It was kinda of a crazy story.

Q: So why did you decide to audition finally? - Uinterview

My friends and family sort of pushed me into it, I didn’t want to. I didn’t think I would make it. But they said I had try to at least once, so I did.

Q: Have you gotten to see your son since you were eliminated? - Uinterview

Yes, I got him about two hours ago. I feel wonderful. I’m so excited to spend the day with him. I got home late last night.

Q: What’s next for you? - Uinterview

I’m going to go on tour and hopefully after that I’m going to make an album. Maybe do some modeling or acting. It’ll all be good things. [Calls out to son] Yes, baby! Gotta go…