She's gave a breakout performance as Dustin Hoffman's daughter in Last Chance Harvey. Now, she's set to star opposite Joshua Jackson in One Week. Liane Balaban takes questions here.

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Q: So how did you get the role in Last Chance Harvey? - Uinterview

The person who cast me in Definitely Maybe showed my audition tape to [director] Joel Hopkins and apparently he thought I was perfect for the part. I made another audition tape reading the father-daughter scene for Last Chance Harvey. I actually performed it with my father–because he was the only person I could get to read it with me.

Q: What does your father do for a living? - Uinterview

He works in computers. He’s totally removed from the world of acting. He was a great reader because his choices–let’s call them–are so original and so unexpected.

Q: So that must have been a challenging audition. - Uinterview

I think it helped me because I was doing the scene with my actual father.

Q: What your experience like working with Dustin Hoffman? - Uinterview

He was paternal with me, playing my father. There was also a mentoring role which he took on in small ways. He was really keen on not acting in this movie but being himself. We talked about our own true life experiences and how they overlapped with the characters–my parents are divorced, my dad’s Jewish.

Q: What was Dustin bringing to it that was personal? - Uinterview

I think aspects of his backstory where he’d felt disappointment in his life. I think he’d always wanted to be a musician. Somehow he felt like he wasn’t good enough to make it as a pro-musician.

Q: How did you prepare for the role? - Uinterview

What I learned from Dustin and Emma is not to plan anything. The truth of the scene lies within you and then not to expect the scene to go in any certain direction. Why limit yourself to one way of doing it?

Q: What was the most interesting thing that happened to you on set? - Uinterview

Being in London was an exciting experience in itself. One of my favorite moments is when Dustin was giving the speech when he comes back to the wedding scene. When the camera was not in him, he improvised the speech that was about my life.

Q: What was the funniest moment for you on set? - Uinterview

My boyfriend came to set, and he was there the day we were filming the wedding speech. And Dustin said, ‘Susan, you are my daughter, you are getting married today. You’ve got your husband there. You’ve got your boyfriend over there.'

Q: Have you been surprised by the critical reaction to the movie? - Uinterview

You never really know, but after I saw the film for the first time I was so blown away by both Dustin and Emma's performances. It felt really good for them to have that recognition.

Q: You have One Week coming out opposite Joshua Jackson. Tell me about that movie. - Uinterview

I play Samantha Pierce she’s engaged to Joshua’s character in the movie. He’s a school teacher who’s diagnosed with late-stage cancer. It’s really a black comedy. Instead of going into chemo right away he decides to go on a motorcycle trip across Canada. The film is really a love letter to Canada. Many bizarre Canadian landmarks are featured like the world’s biggest chair.

Q: How was your relationship with Joshua? - Uinterview

Joshua is an incredibly smart and confident and questioning actor. It was great to see the ease that he brings to his character. He’s totally un-neurotic.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. - Uinterview

I live in Montreal but through the magic of technology I have been able to email my auditions to L.A. The movie New Waterford Girl was my first role. Before that I had done high school plays and I played a dead body in my friend's film. I didn’t even have ambitions to be an actor. Only in the past three years have I committed myself to this seriously.