She's no desperate housewife on the Bravo cult hit Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now Kim Zolciak has got a major club hit with "Tardy For The Party" which she's just remixed with superstar DJ and rumored girlfriend Tracy Young.

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Q: How did you two connect on the song? - Uinterview

TRACY: Let's see, a mutual friend of Kim's actually contacted me back in August when the song was first coming out and, we finally connected in December of this year to work on the remix. Came to L.A. and I met with her, sat down and talked about the song and ideas and where we wanted it to go and bada-bing.

Q: Tracy, why did you think it would be a great dance song? - Uinterview

TRACY: Well, when I originally heard the track, I mean, it's obvious, "Tardy for the Party," and I mean, it was for me a no-brainer. I just wanted to bring it to clubs, I was so excited when I heard it the first time. KIM: You're sweet! TRACY: I was, Kim! And I mean, I was in radio for ten years and my job in radio was to pick these freaking hits, and I knew it was an instant hit, and I just knew it, I felt it. In my career I've always tried to align myself with hit records, so it was really a no-brainer to me, and look at what the song has done, now the remix has come out and has given it new life really.

Q: Now, you both have gay followings, are you going to market it to the gay community and go to gay clubs? - Uinterview

KIM: Am I going to go to gay clubs? Not necessarily. I just think, they are my biggest followers. However, that's working out, but I think it's ultimately a club song. TRACY: I mean, dance music traditionally is definitely more gay based but it also can transfer to Europe and South America and all those other countries where the people may not know "Tardy for the Party" because, it's a hip-hop track, or an R&B track or pop track, whatever, in those countries. So I think it's just giving Kim more exposure in her music career really.

Q: Kim, you got some criticism for your singing when you first started on the show. How do you feel about your voice now that you've got a hit record? - Uinterview

KIM: Really, I think in the third season, I had no idea what I was walking into filming and the way that they portrayed [producer] Dallas and I in the studio was awful. I was mortified. I never wanted to do it again, honestly. I was just so upset. And then [Housewife] Kandi, of course, gave me that little extra boost, so I did it. I'm not a Whitney Houston, but I'm okay with that, I just want to have fun and it's amazing. If they didn't make me look so horrible in the third season I don't think "Tardy for the Party" would have been so exceptional. I know what I'm capable of. I've never been in a studio in my entire life, and then I've got cameras rolling, I'm working with Dallas. It was insane, but to put it on the air just wasn't accurate. I mean, his equipment wasn't working. It was a big disaster.

Q: Tracy, what do you think about Kim's voice? - Uinterview

TRACY: I think her voice sucks! [laughs] No, actually, Kim can sing. You know, what she really sings well is country music. KIM: Yeah I know, I get that. TRACY: I mean, I think that's where Kim is most comfortable, and stepping out of her element and learning a new talent for her has proven a great success for her so, I mean, I think that, when you step out of your box you never know. It's a risk but at the same time it's proven successful. KIM: I gotta put my shirt on, hold on. TRACY: Okay, she's in a tanning bed. [laughs] Kim can actually sing and that's a misconception of her and the way that they aired her on the show. I never looked at the footage because Kim is my friend and I didn't watch it. I mean working on the remix and stuff, I got her vocals done and, you know, you are only able to work with something that is good, and if somebody can't sing you're going to be able to tell.

Q: Are you planning any further collaborations together? - Uinterview

KIM: Yes, we have another song coming out. TRACY: I've always wanted to expand to more original production so...

Q: Can you tell us more? - Uinterview

KIM: No. [laughs] TRACY: You hear Kim? 'No!'

Q: Kim, we've got to ask you about that picture on the single cover. It is pretty sexy. How do you feel about that? - Uinterview

KIM: I'm a good looking girl, are you joking? [laughs] TRACY: That's her famous line there. She's 'a good-looking son of a bitch.' KIM: God, I'm good-looking! No, I'm just playing. I did that photo shoot for Kandi for the birthday party, and I actually just didn't have time for any more pictures, and I was like, 'You know what? That's fine, I'll just roll with it.' And I did. TRACY: It's okay. She paid for them. [laughs]

Q: So the cleavage is going to be part of your signature look as a pop star? - Uinterview

KIM: You bet! That's been the whole signature, my kahunas are for sure part of the gig.

Q: So you got people jealous of you on the show and in your audience? - Uinterview

KIM: They can buy them, too! My own sister in law is too, I mean, she's jealous but she can buy them too. I mean, it's not that scary.

Q: What do the other Housewives think about your success as a singer now? - Uinterview

KIM: As if I care? Um, I mean I'm sure they're jealous, like, who wouldn't be because they all thought that I couldn't do nothing, and God works in mysterious ways. Kandi is so happy for me, and I am really happy because Kandi, in essence, took a risk. In her mind she didn't know what she was working with. I didn't know her that well, so I got so excited when I found out the song was doing so well. As far as the other Housewives, I mean, who cares? I mean Nene's book didn't sell, I mean it sold a tenth of what my song has. TRACY: I mean, I think Kim is in a really unique position there because, she is on the show, she has got so many marketable assets. She's got her wig line. KIM: Tracy is my manager now! TRACY: She's got her music, you know, she's really broadened her business and branding herself. She is in a really unique position. Now all these other Housewives want to sing, KIM: They're all trying to sing now. Gretchen is trying to sing and somebody that's like 90 from the New York Housewives is trying to sing now, what's her name? I don't even know. But they're all trying to sing, and I want everybody to be successful but the best part is that, you tell me I can't do something, I'm going to go ahead and do it and then when it becomes a success you know it makes me that much happier.

Q: What do the other Housewives think about your success as a singer now? - Uinterview

KIM: As if I care? Um, I mean I'm sure they're jealous, like, who wouldn't be because they all thought that I couldn't do nothing, and God works in mysterious ways. Kandi is so happy for me, and I am really happy because Kandi, in essence, almost took a risk, doing that song because it. In her mind she didn't know what she was working with I didnâ

Q: Kim, are you back filming Housewives? - Uinterview

KIM: No, not yet but my music of course is going to be a part of third season. The new song goes right along with "Tardy for the Party." It'll be funny. I think I'm actually, I'm actually going to try to put another song out before the one I'm talking about. I think I'm going to end up doing that on season three to be honest with you.

Q: So Tracy, will you be on Housewives next fall? - Uinterview

TRACY: No, baby! What the hell? KIM: You're going to have to be! TRACY: What would I be doing on the Housewives? KIM: You did the track! TRACY: Why? KIM: You did the track. I mean, what are you going to do? TRACY: Yeah, I mean, I'm not a Housewife, um... KIM: Neither am I. [laughs] It's just a title. I was a wife, and I live in a house. TRACY: I live in a house too, so you know, I guess that means... KIM: And you were a wife, kind of.