Kate Gosselin's America's favorite mom. After her biggest year ever, Gosselin is back on TLC with her new show Kate Plus 8 taking her kids on a wild trip to New York City this week on an all-new special.

Best known for her family of sextuplets and twins, Gosselin was born in Philedelphia in 1975. She first worked as a registered nurse at the Reading Hospital in Pennsylvannia. After having her sextuplets, she appeared on the reality TV show Home Delivery. She and her family continued on to star on the reality television show, Surviving Sextuplets and Twins, Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later, and then Jon and Kate Plus 8, which later morphed into Kate Plus 8 after she and her husband Jon famously separated. She also appeared on the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars.

In her new reality television show, Kate Plus 8, Gosselin and her children take a tour of New York City after a brief hiatus from the reality TV. " 'What do you mean 'back on TV?' I don’t feel like I ever left it," Gosselin snapped at Uinterview. "Nothing ever changed. I don’t think there was a difference during that time."

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Q: How was your trip to New York? - KathyJacob778

It was fun. It was a tourist trip. I worked there, but it was nice to see touristy sites and being in the city, and not killing myself to get wherever I needed to go.

Q: Do the kids have one particular experience that they liked the most? - Karen Holmberg

Yeah, probably the Statue of Liberty was the best for them.

Q: You look so fantastic these days. Do you have any tips from your new regime? - MariaS

Um, no, I just have a lot of stress, and I run. Looks are a byproduct, I guess.

Q: Is running your new outlet? - Georgina

No it’s not new, I’ve been…oh, I don’t know, I started walking elliptical, and probably worked up to running about a year ago, maybe.

Q: Do you ever miss your old look since you got rid of your asymmetical haircut? - mandycohen15

No. Except that it was very easy and fast. Now I have to stand and straighten my hair.

Q: Do the extensions bother you sometimes? - mandycohen15

No, not at all.

Q: Now as you look back on the past year, how do you feel about all the changes in your life? - Jake Gable

Well, I feel like if this didn’t kill me, nothing will, and I am a very strong person, so I surrounded myself with very strong supportive people, and I’m happy to say that, depends on the day, depends on the hour, but generally speaking I feel I’ve made the right decision.

Q: You've said you have a hard time getting calm. Do you still find that? - John

I’ve never been a calm person. I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas…I think of ideas while I’m sleeping. Yeah that’s not in my vocabulary, really. Not that I don’t appear calm, I’m definitely more calm-seeming on the outside, but my brain is always working. I always have to have six things I’m thinking about and looking through.

Q: How does it feel to be back on reality TV? Do you miss your privacy at all? - Jackie

What do you mean “back on TV?” I don’t feel like I ever left it. Nothing ever changed. I don’t think there was a difference during that time. We don’t have any privacy. Never have. It’s just a learning process on how to deal with it.

Q: Bristol Palin is going to be on “Dancing with the Stars.” Do you have any advice for her, having been through that experience? - Aldo

Well first of all, I never believe rumors, so I don’t know if that’s confirmed or not, but to all the contestants, I’m sad to see, across the board, new ones popping up, because that means my season is really over. And time has moved on. So that’s kind of sad.

Q: Do you still keep up the dance lessons? Do you still keep practicing? - Aldo

Oh absolutely! You know that every single day I’m in my basement dancing for at least 10 hours. Not!

Q: Do you dance for the kids at all? - sal

I don’t dance at all, I run. I ripped off the dancing shoes. I put on the running shoes, and have been happy ever since.

Q: There are reports that you went up to Alaska to see the Palins. How was your experience with them? - Rebecca

Yeah, we definitely were in Alaska. I can say that. And Alaska is very beautiful. You’ll have to watch.