The star of HBO’s new hit series Hung, Thomas Jane plays a basketball coach who makes the most of his extra-large endowment. Here, Jane has a playful chat with Uinterview, in which he demonstrates his super-sized sense of humor and talks about his new movie, The Dark Country, out on DVD October 6.

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    JERRY on

    Hello Thomas , you are a really dream, When I saw you by the first time in the picture"the sweetest thing"

  • Wendy
    Wendy on

    Hilarious! He sounds great! This makes me love him even more!

  • Elvis Gump
    Elvis Gump on

    Jane has always been an underrated actor in a slew of bad movies. Take his biggest role in the movies which was probably “The Punisher”. He’s great in that terrible plot. I really believe he’s a guy who’s lost everything even if the movie sucks all around him. Sad that they didn’t do a better job on it, but at least “Hung” has real wit and he shines in it.

  • Emile
    Emile on

    …oh hhoo ho hooo, and it has JUST begun……

  • jjgg5
    jjgg5 on

    It’s great that he plays an average looking guy who is “Hung”. Ben Affleck, Jude Law, Leonardo DeCaprio, Josh Duhamel, Brad Pitt: Eat your hearts out.

  • jjgg5
    jjgg5 on

    It’s great that he plays an average looking guy who is “Hung”. Ben Affleck, Jude Law, Leonardo DeCaprio, Josh Duhamel, Brad Pitt: Eat your hearts out.

  • Ashley
    Ashley on

    This is great! His so funny and I already know a great actor. I will make sure to check this show out.

    And by the way jjgg5 Ben Affleck is worse than average and Jude Law, Leonardo DeCaprio, and Josh Duhamel arent so great looking either. And Brad Pitt may have been hot 10 years ago but his not now. His just old.

    So in conclusion Tom Jane is hotter than any of them. If only he didnt have Jane as a last name……..

  • Ria
    Ria on

    I love the full frontal from ‘Stander’, the rest of the movie is pretty good too.

  • Rosella
    Rosella on

    Thomas Jane is such a great actor. He has this talent that I feel actors like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DeCaprio could never ever have. Stander is one of the best movies I’ve seen. I love it that Thomas Jane finally has his own tv show.

  • BluePony
    BluePony on

    Thomas Jane was and is the ONLY Punisher and he was also red hot in “Original Sin” with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, which was a really good film.

  • Bala Roi
    Bala Roi on

    Stupid ass show. Stupid ass premise. Shallow, vulgar.

    What do you think it says about the changing position of men in our society today?

    What has changed other than feminism has gotten a small boost from a dickhead president and a he-cession.

  • Dave
    Dave on

    I think people take things way too seriously sometimes. Jane is definitely a great actor and I always thought he would have been brilliant in the role of Robert Langdon in ‘The Da Vinci Code’ instead of Tom Hanks who I thought was totally wrong for that movie.

  • banzainut
    banzainut on

    It’s not really about his penis of course, it’s about having to use whatever resource(s) you’ve got in a piss poor economy when conventional means of making a living don’t work. And I love the role reversal of having a poetess as his pimp!

  • Roland
    Roland on

    Love the show. I eschew most TV, especially the misnamed Reality Shows, preferring sports, Bill Maher and Cspan. But the characters and scripts of Hung are just excellent, not to mention the neighbors chest.

  • Adoyle
    Adoyle on

    I love Thomas Jane and I too thought he was awesome as the punisher. I think it’s an interesting take, a guy financially struggling and having to use whatever resources he has, in this case a well endowed penis, to supplement his income. It’s refreshing to see that men too, have to degrade and belittle themselves to such levels as women have done for centuries. I agree having a female, of course, being the pimp is a great take too. Who else would know what women want more than another woman, who, as most pimps have, has gotten to sample the merchandise. In these hard times, you do what you have to to make ends meet. No judgement here. Hats off to the ladies who know what they want and can afford to pay for it. However, having him fall in love is going to ruin it all. So, lets keep it fun and light, as least for now. A little more fantasy and a little less reality!

  • axel
    axel on

    I thought he and Arquette had split up.
    And didn’t the plural of penis use to be penes?

  • Stan Wright
    Stan Wright on

    Why didn’t *I* think of writing a TV series about a penis?

  • Susan
    Susan on

    I really like HUNG and I really like Thomas Jane. I never heard of him before the show. I really like Patricia Arquette, too and MEDIUM. HOME RUN…excellent (for them and for me).

  • Jack
    Jack on

    I can’t believe the comment “never heard of him before the show”. I’ve had a total man crush on Thomas J since “Boogie Nights” (Doubtless Mr Jane has legions of horndog, muscle pumping gay male fans like myself). And how choice is it that a smokin hot stud like him struts through life with the name “Jane”–too funny! Not only does the dude have a hot bod, he’s got this smoldering sexuality and handsome mug onscreen that’s part James Dean and part Robert Conrad of Wild Wild West fame. By all means, keep a bare minimum of clothing on ur hot bod, Tommy! Oh yeah, and you’re a really good actor too (proven in a lot of film roles), but please forgive ur fans if the eyes stray down below the belt buckle. We like what we see!

    ESTELLE on

    Thomas Jane comes out further that the Punisher. He was great in Highlander as an imortal. I love him then and I love him now. Wow,!! Arquette really got lucky when she captured him MMMM

  • Bree
    Bree on

    I LOVE this show and I think Thomas is adorable, big penis or not. (But I’m hoping big!! LOL!!) I just saw Deep Blue Sea on cable yesterday and geeezzz does he have a rockin’ bod in a wet suit! Hang on tight Patricia, he’s quite a catch!

  • ccg
    ccg on

    he is so fun to watch!

  • ccg
    ccg on

    thomas jane is so much fun to watch. i always thought he was very attractive. but he is so much more… he is so good on this show so goofy and subtle, confused and baffled, just the way men are! he’s simply tops, fun to watch and fun to root for.

  • debi
    debi on

    I lived in maryland all my life. I live in baltimore county. Never seen anything that look that good here! I have Loved thomas jane for years!My friends and, family laugh at me. I will watch his movies over and, over. He is too fuc-ing hot!! God is so rude to put something that is that damn good looking on this earth knowing,,,, Ya cant have him!!! 69…..

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Q: What did you think when your agent first told you about Hung? - Uinterview

My wife [Medium’s Patricia Arquette] reads everything I do. And I showed her this thing I’d been doing, The Mist, which is about creatures from another dimension. And then I showed her this script called Hung, about a guy with a giant dick. And she said, “Great, more science fiction!”

Q: Why do think the show has resonated with people so much? - Uinterview

Yeah, they are a little insecure about their penises. We are born to be insecure about [our] penises. I was actually quite happy with mine until I did Hung. Now I don’t know what to think of it, maybe I’m not big enough. I was basically really happy with mine, now I’ve got all these issues and I have to go see a shrink. [laughs] It’s a unique scenario playing a man with a large penis. I didn’t know my penis was going to be famous along with me! If I had known he was going to be famous, I would have treated him better in my younger years – I wouldn’t have rubbed him on the carpet so much and gotten that horrible rug burn. I would have treated him a lot better.

Q: What do you think it says about the changing position of men in our society today? - Uinterview

There are only a few positions that you can achieve with any comfort – they’ve been around since the dawn of time – the missionary position, there’s doggy style and there’s the cowboy. They are all great. I prefer 69 – I can feel love making at molecular level.

Q: What are some of the challenges working on set with all of the sex scenes? - Uinterview

I feel very comfortable naked. I just feel comfortable when I’m nude. So I shoot in the nude, which becomes a problem during the teaching scenes – you have to add in the clothes digitally later. Those computer guys like a challenge.

Q: Do you get lots strange reactions from your fans? - Uinterview

I know now what it’s like to be a woman because I now have to say during a conversation, ‘Hey my eyes are up here!’ They don’t even know that they are doing this. They look at me like they would someone on TV – ‘No actually I can see you too, this reality thing goes both ways.’

Q: Tell us a bit about your background. How did you get your started in acting? - Uinterview

To be serious for a moment, I came out to Hollywood Boulevard when I was 18 years old, and I looked at the stars on the sidewalk, and I didn’t know anybody. I know I wanted to be an actor. I knew I could be good at it. I didn’t have a place to live, so slept on park benches, in welfare hotels, lawn mower sheds, and I got little parts in commercials because my buddy’s dad directed commercials. I got my SAG [Screen Actor’s Guild] card when I was 24, I think. I worked my way up the ladder every step of the rung.

Q: You’ve directed a movie called The Dark Country. Tell us about it. - Uinterview

[stops to light a cigar] Smoking costs more than I would have spent in a week on food when I was a struggling actor. I love every puff of it. Dark Country is in 3-D. It comes out on video October 6. I’m really f---ing excited about it. It’s unfortunately not in 3D. Technology hasn’t kept up with us. But in a few years, you are going to be able to watch 3D movies on your Blu-Ray player. All your TVs are going to have a 3D button, and you are going be able to slip in a regular old Blu-Ray disc into a regular old Blu-Ray player and watch a movie in 3D. And mine is one of the first – if not the first – purely digital live-action movies ever made. It’s a Hitchcock/David Lynch style thriller. It’s got film noir elements. It’s for people who were abused and twisted. It’s for the darker side of society. It’s a trip – it’s better if you are on medication.

Q: you doing skeletons like killing then and shit? hell ye look out you wi all die if you want to play yerself as a skell. - thomas
Q: when will it be easy? -
Q: do you sleep? - thomas jane
Q: I really liked "The Punisher." Are there any plans for you to make another? - Jim