Big Ang, the reality TV star who's real name is Angela Raiola, knows a bit about running a successful bar, having opened Staten Island's Drunken Monkey and its new South Beach outpost, Miami Monkey, which is the focus of a new VH1 reality series. "You have to stay on top of things, you have to watch everything," Big Ang told Uinterview exclusively answering her fans' questions.

Miami Monkey is the third spin-off of Mob Wives, but don't expect to see a lot of hair-pulling on this series. "The show's all about the Miami Monkeys, not the Mob Wives," she said.

Miami Monkey airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on VH1.


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Q: What can we expect to see on #MiamiMonkey that's different from @MobWives? - miller6322

Q: What's the difference between New York fashion and Miami fashion? - RainSamanthaSkinner

Miami fashion they are naked, New York fashion they wear clothes!

Q: What do you think of the government shutdown? - sall

I think it's crazy! I can’t believe the government shut everything down! People need to come together. That’s just crazy.

Q: Morgan created a lot of drama this season. Why did you want her back? - Alex Murry

Because she is fun and beautiful and I like her.

Q: Will Linda and little Jen be on this season? - antoniovideodog

Q: Will you be expanding your bar empire to other cities? - JeremyBedforth

I would like to. I would like to do London, I'd like to do L.A.

Q: Are all your mobwives co-starts at peace or are they still ripping out eachother faces - antoniovideodog

Q: Will any Mob Wives be on the Miami monkey or is it only Big Ang? - antoniovideodog

No. The show's all about the Miami Monkeys, not the Mob Wives.

Q: Did your pets enjoy the Miami weather or was it just you? - antoniovideodog

Q: What bar would you rather be in Miami Monkey or the Drunken Monkey? - antoniovideodog

The Drunken Monkey, because it’s at home.

Q: There's someone I'm interested in but there's quite an age difference. I've always been attracted to people that are older than I am. I think it's the maturity in them. I wanted to know if u think its wrong to get involved or have feelings for someone who has a pretty big age difference than you? - rtatiana1116

My husband is 13 years younger, I think it's fine, but 15 [years] at the most!

Q: What show has more drama Miami Monkey or Mob Wives? - antoniovideodog

Mob Wives!

Q: Did you miss your friends in New York while filming? - antoniovideodog

Yeah, I miss them — I miss all my friends.