She's the fastest rising star on the most-acclaimed show on TV. Katrina Bowden takes your questions here.


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    It Stinks. It smells and looks like a rotten tomato.

  • jan palegreni
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    It’s terrible

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    But Katrina is great in it!

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Q: 30 Rock has become a big sensation this year. Are you surprised by the show’s success? - Uinterview User

I'm not surprised, I’m more excited. Since the beginning we all knew that it was such a great show, and it was so witty and well done. We all loved it. It has always been critically acclaimed but now more people are becoming familiar with it. People are finally watching.

Q: What’s the atmosphere like on the set? What’s Tina Fey like to work with? - Uinterview

The atmosphere is great. It’s a funny, funny set. We all genuinely like each other’s company. There’s a lot of back and forth, joking and improv-ing. It’s always exciting to be on set. Tina’s amazing. She’s like superwoman. She’s a role model to me. She’s head writer, lead actress, mom, wife and she’s always down to earth and cool. She’s extremely normal and relatable.

Q: Do you spend a lot of time going out in your free time? And do fans bother you in the street? - ShayGuinn

I love improv. I go to a lot of comedy shows. I live in New York. There’s always stuff to do. I’m under 21, so I don’t party. But I’m not really the crazy party-girl type anyway. I’m more a stay at home and watch a movie with a friend type than a 'let’s go to a club' kind of person. With my fans, it’s a little weird I think. It’s always great to talk to fans. It really means a lot since we think it’s a great show. But it's also weird when I’m going down to get my Starbucks in the morning, and I’m not dressed properly and my hair is a mess. I don’t want to have any interaction yet because I’m not even up– that’s the time when someone will come up to me. It will never be when I’m dressed. It’ll be when I’m in my pajama pants and people will be like ‘Hi!’

Q: What’s Tracy Morgan like to work with? - Uinterview

Tracy’s a very funny guy. He puts on a show. He likes to entertain. He does standup and likes making people laugh. He’s kooky. He’s always willing to say something no one else would to make people laugh. He's also an extremely sweet guy. He’s so nice and kind to everybody. People who see him on Letterman may think he’s the same as his character but that’s what he does—he likes to shock people.

Q: You made a number of films recently. What was it like making Sex Drive? - Uinterview

That was a really cool project, I was really excited to do it. When I was first approached for it, I was working on the show, so the dates didn’t really work. Then the writers strike happened and the dates worked out perfectly. I thought the script was hilarious. The character I play, her name is Miss Tasty. The story behind that is it’s my online screen name. So she’s just a girl who the character played by Josh Zuckerman thinks is his fantasy girl, but she never gives him her real name. So the main character’s on a road trip across the country to meet Miss Tasty. So there are lots of twists, and it’s very funny.

Q: You’ve got a film coming up with Dennis Hopper, The Last Film Festival. What was it like working with him on that movie? - Uinterview

It’s an independent movie. It’s very improv based. For the last year, I’ve been taking improv classes and really getting a lot of opportunities to play with that. It was incredible to work with such a legendary actor. Jacqueline Bisset, Chris Kattan and Leelee Sobieski are also in the film. It’s a mockery of film festivals. Dennis was great. I got to do a lot of scenes with him, which I was so excited about. He couldn’t have been nicer or cooler. He’s one of those people who when he opens his mouth everybody in the room stops to listen. The stories that he would tell, the insights he would give–we all loved working with him. He was a sweet-heart. He told me to challenge myself whenever possible.

Q: You got your break with the Fallout Boy video. What was that like working with the band? - Uinterview

I started modeling when I was 14, and I started taking acting classes when I was 15 that’s when I really fell in love with acting. The video was just something I auditioned for normally. It was cool because I was a big fan of theirs. They were so cool too. Really down to earth guys.