Will Smith's Emergency Family Meeting

For the first time ever, the entire Smith family is at the Red Table as Will Smith surprises Jada Pinkett Smith by calling an emergency family meeting. Intimate family secrets are revealed, as Will shares his private struggle with the RTT Community.

Posted by Red Table Talk on Monday, September 23, 2019


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On Monday, September 23, Red Table Talk aired its episode 11 of the season 2 where an entire Smith family gathered for the first time.

Will Smith surprised Jada Pinkett Smith by calling and emergency family meeting at the Red Table where they revealed their intimate secrets with the Red Table Talk community.

During the episode, Jada and Will revealed their concern regarding their son Jaden’s health.

“Will and I had a bit of an intervention with Jaden because he’s a vegan now, but we realized he wasn’t getting enough protein,” Jada mentioned on her Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk. “So he was wasting away. He just looked drained, he was just depleted. He wasn’t getting the nutrients.”

Will was frightened just by looking at his son.

“He had the dark circles under his eyes, there was even a little grayness to his skin. And we got really nervous,” he said.

Additionally, Jaden has been under stress as he travels with Tyler the Creator on tour which doesn’t help his health. He disclosed that his condition had gotten worse after he attempted to go vegan. However, he has been practicing vegetarianism for a past few years and has been feeling much better.

“I was just eating like two meals a day. And maybe one,” Jaden revealed. “Maybe just that one big meal and then I’m like, ‘Oh, you know I didn’t get around to it.”

“I was not doing good,” he continued. “I wasn’t looking good, I wasn’t feeling good, I wasn’t sleeping.”

With the help of the nutritionists, the Smiths family now is on a new food journey, and they are encouraging others to pay attention to their eating habits.


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