Lana Del Rey is officially engaged to her boyfriend of less than a year, Clayton Johnson. Rumors started that the two were hitched a few months ago, when eagle-eyed fans spotted Del Rey with a massive diamond on her ring finger at a Halloween party, but her latest appearance on The Tonight Show placing the ring front-and-center – ended the speculation once and for all.

Lana Del Rey with friends celebrating Halloween 2020,” a fan tweeted back in November, alongside a photo that captures a glimpse of a large ring on Del Rey’s left hand.

Since then, fans have spotted the ring in a few other of Del Rey’s photos, but the singer neither confirmed nor denied their guesses. During her Tonight Show performance of “Love You Like a Woman” just two days ago, however, the ring was one of the only accessories she wore, leading some fans to think she was trying to signal her engagement to all her viewers.

Del Rey’s new fiancee, Johnson, may not have reached her star status yet, but with over 28,000 followers and successful guitarist career, he has his own unique claim to fame.

Johnson made his first impression on the music world through pop rock band Stereo Summer. The band was formed in 2006, and Johnson first joined in 2010 as their touring guitarist before becoming a permanent member later that year. He was with the band as they slowly rose to fame, being featured on MTV, Good Day New York and even Disney Channel through The Suite Life Movie, which used their song “Uptown, Get Around” at its beginning. Other bands he played for early in his career included BLAC, which featured him and another Stereo Summer artist, and A Mover, A Fighter, which earned him a music award nomination in his hometown.

Johnson then started a music group with his brothers, Connor and Chantry, in an attempt at reaching YouTube fame.

“To be honest, we were seeing these kids on YouTube who in our opinion didn’t necessarily have the skills and talent we felt like we had together,” Johnson told The Modesto Bee back in 2015. “Seeing their success and how big they got off YouTube covers, we thought we could do what they were doing but better. We learned music together so it made sense for us to continue our journey and do music together.”

The group reached acclaim through pop covers, their cover of “FourFiveSeconds” alone gaining them over one million views, and even though it’s been inactive since 2017, their channel still has almost 90,000 followers to date.

At the time, Johnson was also working a side hustle as a model, boasting partnerships with Incipio and Forever 21 through his Instagram posts.

Now, Johnson doesn’t post about his career path much, but based on his Instagram posts, he’s still very much model material, regularly posing for casual and professional photo shoots alike.

He’s even been photographed by Del Rey herself, as hundreds of fans have commented on under a photo including a snippet of the star’s feet.

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Though Johnson hasn’t released music in a few years, he’s reached all new fame thanks to his relationship with Del Rey and clearly hasn’t lost his music chops, so hopefully old fans can expect something new from Johnson soon – perhaps even with Del Rey!

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