In this week’s episode of Wayward Pines opens with a flashback to year 2034. CJ has been awoken while everyone else is still frozen to monitor their progress and essentially clean up the lab. He works out a bit and also watches the news to see how the rest of the world is faring during its demise. He wonders out loud “was it a mistake” before re-entering his chamber.

‘Wayward Pines’ Season 2, Episode 7

Dr. Yedlin takes a look at the female Abbie, especially for the brand on her hand Adam mentioned. He asks Megan why he wasn’t told about this before. He tells her that the female Abbie has a distinct plan and that it’s time for everyone to realize it. He suggests creating some sort of way for them to communicate with each other. As a way to deflect, Megan brings up his relationship with Rebecca.

Yedlin begins his communication plan, correlating pictures with words and implementing a reward system with food.


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Another flashback to CJ exiting his chamber, now in 2514. By the look of the calendar he has made, he exits every 20 years to do the same thing. However, at this point it seems to have gotten to him as he is speaking to everyone else’s files. He sees that the world is still steadily deteriorating, at least the humans. He ventures outside of the lab and encounters someone else. Seemingly a very early Abbie, before they were the creatures they are today. This creature is still very human-like but displays clear abnormalities and super-strength. He asks CJ to help him because he can tell that CJ is being cared for, CJ kills him.

Dr. Yedlin’s communication system seems to be working, somewhat. The female Abbie has also decided to share her rewards with her followers. Dr. Yedlin sees that they all are very protective of each other, the leader being the most protective.

Now in year 3214, CJ seems to have lost much of his spirit. He’s hallucinating and the entering in and out of consciousness is taking it’s toll.

Adam storms into the lab screaming at Megan and Yedlin to release the female Abbie. He says that the rest of them are coming to rescue her but also that she willingly was captured. He tries to appeal to Yedlin, saying they are both on the same side because they know how intelligent the Abbie’s are. Yedlin says he agrees but he still wants to proceed with his plan.

It’s 4014, the year when everyone gets thawed out by CJ. CJ shares what he knows with Pilcher and shows him the land outside of the lab, ready for construction. They immediately encounter Abbie’s and Pilcher is confused as to why mutation hasn’t run it’s course and destroyed them all. He has already discounted them as unrelated to humans completely. Pilcher decides to drive them away and build a fence protecting the real humans.

Kerry and Jason join Adam, Yedlin and Megan in the lab. Jason is still denying any sort of humanity or intelligence in the Abbie’s. Adam is still urging them to release her before the Abbie’s outside of the wall get inside. Yedlin is beginning to agree with Adam. All of the fighting seems to be exactly what the female Abbie wanted.

As Wayward Pines is just getting built, Megan senses CJ’s attitude and wonders why he isn’t feeling more positive about it all. He explains to her that no one has seen what he has. No one has seen or felt what he has lost. What felt like seconds to everyone else was really 2000 years for him.

In the present day, CJ sees exactly what he feared. That first mutated human he saw is being represented in all the Abbies and they are taking back what is theirs. Or at least trying,

Back in the lab, Yedlin tries to explain to the female Abbie that he is not the enemy. She signals to him to release a male Abbie and he complies. Understandably, the male Abbie is a bit weary and he grabs Yedlin. Yedlin escapes but as punishment Jason kills two male Abbies. Adam and Yedlin grab the gun from him and even Kerry refuses to give him hers.

Adam and Yedlin are even more convinced of the Abbie’s humanity but Megan has returned to Jason’s side.

Kerry and Jason go see CJ and ask if they were woken up too soon. CJ says it doesn’t matter at this point. Jason is refusing to be defeated but it is clear CJ feels it’s inevitable.

In the lab, the female Abbie has escaped from her cage after seeing Yedlin input it to open the male’s cage. She kills Megan and escapes.

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