John Legend celebrated Georgia’s flip to blue last night by covering Ray Charles’s “Georgia on my Mind” for his Twitter fans. For many, alongside Nevada’s near-promise of going blue and Pennsylvania’s flip to blue, Georgia’s flip to blue signals a presidential win for former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I love you Georgia,” Legend ended the video with a smile.

Hours before the state turned blue and Legend posted the video, social media users had realized that President Donald Trump‘s previous lead in the state was shrinking, and with the counting of absentee ballots, there was a good chance that it would flip. According to Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, Legend made the video hours before the actual flip happened in anticipation of the event.

“He has been waiting to post this for 5 hours,” Teigen wrote.

Though Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger (R) has promised a ballot recount, that hasn’t stopped other Twitter users who support Biden from joining Legend in his festivities.

Because Pennsylvania and Nevada are also blue according to the most recent counts, the three states are widely being celebrated together on Twitter.

At this time, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia are the only states that have yet to be called, and Biden is leading in all three states, excluding only North Carolina. Biden is in the lead with 264 electoral votes, while Trump holds 214.

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