Last month, Gabrielle Union-Wade posted a video on Instagram showing her daughter, Kaavia Wade, take part in the Fruit Snack Challenge. The challenge which has been all over social media is done by parents tempting their children with a favorite snack they place in front of them but make them wait before eating.

In the video, Union-Wade tags the location as “Self Control” and uses Bitsy’s, a nut-free, vegetable snack she recently used to test her daughter. Kaavia, is wearing an “I (Heart) Naps, Stay Woke” onesie and immediately looks skeptical of what is happening.

Carried into the room by her mother, Kaavia is placed onto a chair alone, and Union-Wade leaves, telling her to wait and not to eat the snack. After a few seconds, Kaavia reacts like any other young child left alone with snacks in front of her and goes to grab a large handful and begins to chow down on the Bitsy cracker.

The humor in the video is not only Kaavia going right to the bowl of Bitsy’s in front of her, but the facial expressions being made throughout while her mother is telling her to be patient and not eat the snack. Initially, she looks confused as to why her mother is leaving her, and then she attempts to hide the mouthful of crackers she placed into her mouth.

This video shows what most young children would do, take the snack immediately. Still, it provides some much-needed lighthearted humor from adorable Kaavia and her mother looking like many other mothers during quarantine with a robe on and her tied up.

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